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Journal Added June 2022:

1897-1899 Memorandum Journal by Edward Harold Phillips "Eddie". Eddie was a teenager when he made notes in his journal about life in Germania, Marquette Co, Wisconsin.

This summary page includes a photo of Edward Harold Phillips and his cousin Benjamin Hall Phillips ("Bennie") and journal links, highlights & keywords.

The journal notes a variety of Germania activities in 1897-1899, including farming activities (with amounts and types of crops harvested), times neighbors helped each other, business activities, visitors, personal tragedies and pleasant times.

A few of the people/incidents mentioned in Eddie's journal were (more noted on the summary page):
--> "Ma" (Otillie "Delia" Block and "Pa" (George Ellis Phillips)
--> Fred Bartz died (March 15, 1899) [Bert Bartz, Julius Bartz and Fred Day & his wife visited Germania a few days later]
--> Aunt Carrie Block [daughter of Friedrich Wilhelm Block and Rosina Vandrey]
--> Minnie Block (Eddie wrote Minnie Block "married" [see summary page notes]
--> "Grandma Block" died (Oct. 14, 1898) [see notes on summary page]
--> William Brish (sawed ice with Eddie)
--> Budtke's house and 4 children burned
--> "Old Man Fenner" (died - noted Dec. 1897, buried Dec. 5)
--> "Old Lady Fenske" (died - noted Aug. 6, 1897)
--> Artie Gemerman (drowned - noted July 14, 1897)
--> Gene Hartwell (multiple references in journal)
--> John Hartwell [abbrev. as J.H. in journal]
--> Jurgens sued Krueger [also spelled Kreuger] for blackening his eye
--> Mr. Keyes (died Oct. 18, 1898)
--> "Old Man Leighton" (death noted Nov. 29, 1897)
--> Mr. Parker died of pneumonia (Dec. 24, 1898)
--> Pierce's creamery burned [Peirce]
--> Mabel and Ruthie Peirce (or Pierce - Ruthie was a teacher, and Mabel substituted for her)
--> Benjamin Hall Phillips ("Bennie" was Eddie's cousin and is pictured on the summary page)
--> Amiel Priebe's baby (scalded and died June 1897)
--> Shields Creamery
--> Martha Soda (married)
--> Martha Teske birthday party (noted Oct. 29, 1898)
--> Warmbier elected chairman of town
--> Carl Warnke (visited)
--> Jonny Warnke (fell off a haystack and was not expected to live - noted Jan. 1, 1897)
--> Amiel Weckwerth (killed by runaway team burial noted Nov. 28, 1897)
--> Robert Weckwerth buried on March 26, 1899
--> Tom Wells (Eddie got sawdust ice from Tom)
--> Aunt Alice's baby (died Oct. 18, 1898) [Aunt Alice was likely Alice Hartwell, wife to Eugene J. Hartwell]
--> Gottlieb Wagner burnt himself & buildings (noted Dec. 18, 1898)
--> Hugh Yates teacher (Dec. 19, 1898) - witness in lawsuit case & kicked by a horse a few days later (Feb. 1899)

--> Some who helped Eddie's family with farming: Richard Fenske, Mrs. Krenke, Ellis [likely Phillips], Mrs. Teske and others.
--> Eddie helped harvest for [names as spelled in journal]: Paul Arnzy, Alfred Camel, Newton Camel, Gunder Christenson, Earl Cooper, Fred Dabrinski, John Dabrinskie, Jack Douglas, Joe Duchenskies, August Goodman, Haselbower, Robert Kinsel, Herman Kohnke, August Leopard, "Old Leopard", Jim Long, August Matz, Julius Matz, Tiess, John Rahr, Frank Rogack, Hugh Rooney, "Big A___Shatkey" [1st name illegible], Tiess, Robert Timm, Mike Tims, Ludwig Timms "Louis", Bert Vaughn, Wm. Weckwerth, August Wigenkes, Charlie Whitney, Witt, August Zelmer

Census Record Details Added June 2022:

The 1910 census in the Chicago shows: Minnie [Wilhelmine] (Block) Phelps [who was the daughter of Frederick Wilhelm Block and Rosina Vandrey]; her second husband, Talbert (Tolbert) Phelps; daughter Minnie M. Reynders; and son Alfred H. Reynders.

Correction to website made Feb. 2022:

Photo originally labeled as being on the Germania Dam is likely incorrect. It is now in the "mystery photo" category. It was in my Marquette County, Wisconsin, photo files, so the individual pictured may have a connection to that area.

Added July 2015:

Book inscription transcribed on Angelina Marie Ellis' web page shows that Eugene Hartwell gave a book to his brother Albert "Allie" Hartwell on April 18, 1891 (his 21st birthday).

Family photo including George Ellis Phillips (born 1855) and his wife Ottilie Emilie "Delia" Block (Phillips) -- residents of Germania, Marquette County, Wisconsin. Photo includes the following (plus two unidentified individuals): Ottilie Emilie "Delia" Block (Phillips), Harold Gunderson, Julius Gunderson, Robert Gunderson, Albert "Al" Elihu Hartwell, Eugene "Gene" Joseph B. Hartwell, Maurice Hartwell (Albert's son), Floyd Wallace Hill, Theodora Parker (Bakke), Angelina "Angie" Rose Phillips (Bahler Bandt), Caroline "Carrie" Naoma Phillips (Kelm), Edward "Ed" Phillips, Ellis George Phillips, Frederick "Fritz" James Phillips, George Ellis Phillips (born 1855), May Henrietta Phillips (Parker Gunderson), Vera Delia Phillips (Hill).

Added February 2012:

Birth details on Reuben Clifford Phillips born in Jackson, Wisconsin in 1884

1910 and 1920 Census record details for Jesse Franklin Phillips (born May 1884) and burial information on Jesse, his wife Cora and his son Gilbert.

1910 Census record details for Edward J. Phillips; birth and census records for his son Benjamin Hall Phillips (and his family); and details from the World War I draft card registration of Edward's son Harris G. Phillips

Marriage information for Carl August Kick and Bertha Marie Emma Elisabeth Recik in 1868

Laura Tagatz's obituary (February 1921)

Clara Warnke Schauer's obituary (born Feb. 1880; died March 1926)

Solon Wesley Peirce details (Friendship, Wisconsin)

Added December 2011:

Joseph S. Ellis' middle name is Sterling, according to a Connecticut Death register record.

Added December 2010:

--> Catherine Smith Hartwell (wife of Maurice Hartwell; daughter of Frank and Anna Smith)
--> Agnes Smith communion photo (about 1910 to 1912) with her younger sister Catherine Smith Hartwell
--> Frank and Anna Smith and some of their children (Joe, Mary, Henriette, Agnes & Catherine Smith Hartwell)

Added October and November 2009:

Details from Evangelish Vandsburg (Prussia) records:
--> Dahlke, Paul baptism (July 1836)
--> Dahlke, Friedrick Wilhelm baptism (Nov. 1835)
--> Dietrich, Michael baptism (Feb. 1834)
--> Dietrich, Johann David baptism (March 1836)
--> Janke, Louise (Jan./Feb. 1836)
--> Klawiter, Anne Louise (Sept. 1835)
--> Klawiter, Carl Martin (Jan. 1842)
--> Matzkie, Dorothea Henriette (June 1844)
--> Rux, Emilie baptism (Feb. 1836)
--> Rux, Paul baptism (Nov. 1839)
--> Schauer, Daniel baptism (Nov. 1835)
--> Schauer, Daniel August baptism (March 1834)
--> Schauer, Friedrich baptism (Dec. 1835)
--> Tesmer, August baptism (March 1836)
--> Tesmer, Dorothea Elisabeth baptism (Dec. 1835)
--> Tesmer, Eva Rosine baptism (Oct. 1834)

Added June 2009:

Headstone details - Henry Harrison Phillips - born 1825, died 1884 (Adams Co., WI)

Added February 2009:

--> William Phillips' household in 1880 Federal Census in Westfield, WI

Added January 2009:

--> Civil War letter, dated Aug. 21, 1864, written by James Madison Phillips near Atlanta, Georgia

Added November 2008:

--> 1893 obituary of Henrietta Jones Ellis Pierce Hall
--> 1901 obituary of Angelina Maria Ellis Phillips Hartwell
--> Letter written by Joseph Ellis to his brother Harmon Ellis in 1833
--> Letter written by Henrietta Jones Ellis Pierce Hall to her daughter Angelina "Angie" Ellis Phillips Hartwell (possibly around 1890 or earlier)

Clara Tagatz Weckwerth's Family Bible Records, including:
--> Marriage Record - Clara Tagatz and Ernest Weckwerth (1910)
--> Birth and some death dates (1843-1872) of Johann Michael Tagatz, Emilie Otilie Sievert, Martin Johann Tagatz, Friedrich Wilhelm Tagatz, Wilhelmine Pauline Tagatz and Albert August Tagatz
--> Birth/death records (1857-1887) of Caroline Albertine Sievert, Michael Robert Tagatz, Lydia Maria Tagatz, Edward Julius Tagatz, Hulda Blondine Tagatz, Richard Reinhold Tagatz, Theodor Paul Tagatz and Klara Johann Tagatz
--> Birth/date records (1853-1960) of father (Ernest Weckwerth), mother (Wilhelmine Draeger), Henry A. Weckwerth, Gustav A. Weckwerth, Anna E. Weckwerth, Julius A. Weckwerth, Ernest F. Weckwerth, Maria L. Weckwerth, August M. Weckwerth, Ottelie H. Weckwerth, Arthur C.T. Weckwerth, Leohnard C.L. Weckwerth and Freida L. Weckwerth
--> Marriage records for both of Johann Michael Tagatz's marriages, including with Otilie Emilie Sievert (1866) and her sister Caroline Sievert (1872)
--> Birth info for August Siewert, son of Christoph and Caroline Feneller Siewert (1853)
--> Death info for Caroline Albertine Siewert (1938)
--> Margaretha Concordia Weckwerth's birthdate (1914)
--> Operation notes for Mrs. Weckwerth and Margaret Weckwerth

CORRECTION: Mistyped dates were corrected on Hulda Blondina Tagatz's christening record notes on J. Michael Tagatz's web page

Added October 2008:

* James Madison Phillips (Civil War Veteran) military paperwork, including his widow's pension -- 10 pages added:
--> Declaration for Original Invalid Pension - Pg. 1
--> Declaration for Original Invalid Pension - Pg. 2
--> Medical/Military History
--> Declaration for Widow's Pension (Eliza Helms Phillips) - Pg. 1
--> Declaration for Widow's Pension (Eliza Helms Phillips) - Pg. 2
--> Marriage Certified with Eliza Helms
--> Son's Birth Certified (Jesse Franklin Phillips)
--> James' disabilities detailed; Widow Eliza's death
--> Military Discharge
--> Military Enlistment

* Added info on date of death for Eliza Helms (second wife of James Madison Phillips) - conflicts with prior information - see James Madison Phillips' web page

Added September 2008:

* CORRECTION: I think I mistranscribed the name on the Death Certificate for Juliana Zarbuck (it looked like Juliaus to me originally)
* Photo of May Henrietta Phillips Parker Gunderson (born 1888) and her daughter Theodora Parker Bakke
* More people identified in photo of August Wichner's grown children

Added January 2008:

"From the Pulpit to the Prairie" - an 82-page book compiled by George Mueller containing excerpts of his father's diaries (1910 to 1917) along with other family documents

Added December 2007:

Erich Taggatz's Report Card (in 1928) - 8th grade - with picture of the St. John's Christian Day School - Corner Mound and Ceresco, Berlin, Wisconsin

Added details from Prussia records (Kreis Kolmar):
* Bloch, Friedrich Wilhelm - baptized May 23, 1858 - parents: Wilhelm Bloch and Henriette Guse
* Bloch, Johann August - baptized 1844 - parents Johann Schur and Wilhelmine Neumann
* Dahlke, Herbert Arthur - baptized 1895 - parents: Heinrich Dahlke and Pauline Schibert (?)
* Kelm, Friedrich Wilhelm - baptized 1850 - parents: Samuel Kelm and Concordia Wilhelmine Klawitter
* Klawiter - unnamed child - baptized 1838 - parents: Martin Klawiter and Anna Christina Schlichting
* Klawitter, Augustine Wilhelmine - baptized 1848 - parents: Gottlieb Klawitter and Caroline Wegner
* Klaviter, Carl Ludwig - baptized 1839 - parents: Martin Klaviter and Anna Dorothea Schlicting
* Klawitter, Johann Gottlieb - baptized 1842 - parents: Martin Klawitter and Anna Dorothea Schlichting
* Klawitter, Julie - baptized 1845 - parents: Martin Klawitter and Anna Dorothea Schlichting
* Kruger, August - baptized 1844 - parents: Carl Kruger and Albertine Hohenhaus
* Kruger, Christoph - baptized 1843 - parents: Michael Kruger and Anna Justina Eichhorst
* Missall, Emilie Ottilie - baptized 1853 - parents: Samuel Johann Missall and Wilhelmine Ziehbart
* Mietz, Elsa Meta - baptized 1890 - parents: Friedrich Mietz and Luise Fenske
* Mietz, Lina Valeria - baptized 1887 - parents: Friedrich Mietz and Luise Fenske
* Mittelstaedt, Friedrich Wilhelm - baptized 1843 - parents: Gottlieb Mittelstaedt and Wilhelmine Bloch
* Mittelstaedt, Friedrich August - baptized 1851 - parents: Gottlieb Mittelstaedt and Julianne Henriette Kuhn
* Schur, Friedrich Wilhelm - baptized 1843 - parents: Johann Schur and Wilhelmine Neumann
* Schur, Gustav Rudolph - baptized 1844 - parents: Michael Schur and Anna Elisabeth Reiter
* Tagatz -- unnamed child - a baptismal record in 1846 shows parents Martin Tagatz and Justine Missal (stillborn child?)
* Vandrey, Christoph - baptized 1845 - parents: Johann Vandrey and Anna Caroline Reckow
* Vandrey, Christoph Ludwig - baptized 1844 - parents: Johann Michael Vandrey and Eva Rosina Streich
* Vandrey, Friedrich Hermann - baptized 1852 - parents: Gottfried Vandrey and Anna Justina Lambrecht
* Vandrey, Friedrich Wilhelm Leopold - baptized 1836 - parents: Christoph Vandrey and Eva Rosina Matzner
* Vandrey, Justine - baptized 1844 - parents: Johann Vandrey and Anna Caroline Reckow
* Vandrey, Wilhelmine Pauline - baptized 1845 - parents: Johann Michael Vandrey and Eva Rosina Streich

Baptismal record image for Ottilie Emilie Tagatz - parents: Martin Tagatz and Justine Missal - 1848

Added November 2007:

Baptismal record image for Johann Michael Dagatz (Tagatz) - 1843

12 pages from Elementarbuch Der Deutschen Sprache, by Arnold Werner-Spanhood (1912) -- shows old German (Prussian) alphabet & handwriting script with general information about vowels, consonants, syllables, pronunciation, etc. to help read words written in old German language records

Added details from census records:
* Kelm, August - living with Anna, Amelia and a three-year old girl (1870 Census - Princeton, WI)
* Kelm, Edward - living with Christine, Herman, Julius and Anne Kelm (1880 Census - Princeton, WI)
* Kelm, Herman - living with Otelia and Augusta Kelm (1870 Census - Princeton, WI)
* Kelm, Herman - living with Herman, Ottilie, Auguste, Bertha, Frederick, Emma, Marie and Herman Kelm (1880 Census - Princeton, WI)
* Kelm, Julius - living with Caroline, Franz, Auguste and Emilie Kelm (1880 Census - Princeton, WI)

* Matz, Amiel - living with Ann, Emma and Julius Matz (1870 Census - Crystal Lake, WI)
* Matz, Julius - living with Minnie Matz (1870 Census - Crystal Lake, WI)

Added details from Prussian records (Kreis Kolmar):
* Bloch, Auguste Emilie - 1858 death record named Wilh. Bloch and Luise Schulz (parents)
* Block, Emil - 1864 death record names Johann Bloch and Elizabeth Plolenski
* Block, Ernestine Luise - Dec. 1854 death record named Gottfried Block and Luise Friske (parents?)
* Block, Gottfried - birth or christening record 1822 - parents: Gottfried Block and Rosina Piecker
* Bloch, Johann - married Marianna Redel in 1800 (father: Michael Redel)
* Block, Johann - father of unnamed child in 1866 death record; Elisabeth Polenski also named
* Block, Johann - father of unnamed child in 1857 death record; Elisabeth Polenski also named
* Bloch, Johann Friedrich - Aug. 1854 death record named Johann Bloch and A. Elisabeth Polenski
* Bloch, Ludwig - named in 1858 death record of unnamed child - Albertine Doms also named
* Bloch, Michael Wilh. - 1863 death record names Fried. Wilh. Bloch and Luise Schulz

* Dalke, Gottlieb - 1802 birth (or christening) record - parents: Michael Dalke and Anna Christina Quade
* Dahlke, Michael - married Anna Christine Quade in 1801 - Anna's father: Daniel Quade

* Jahnke, Christoph - 1858 death record names Christoph Jahnke and Caroline Zerbst - location: Budzin (in Prussia)
* Jahnke, Ludwig Wilhelm - 1859 death record names August Jahnke and Wilhelmine Marquard

* Kelm, Albertine Auguste - died 1860 - parents: Johann Ludwig Kelm and Friederike Harmel
* Kelm, Anna Elizabeth - died 1861; her married surname was Sommerfeld
* Kelm, Anna Justine - died 1864 - maiden surname was Arndt
* Kelm, Bertha Emilie - died 1856; parents: Christoph Kelm and Caroline Harmel
* Kelm, Friedrich August - died in 1858 - parents: Ludwig Kelm and Friederike Harmel
* Kelm, Friedrich Wilhelm - died 1863 - parents: Ludwig Kelm and Henriette Ruhn
* Kelm, Johann Daniel - married Anna __ina Nicolay in 1800; her father was Andreas Nicolai (there were 2 different spellings of Nicolay in the same record)
* Kelm, Johanna Ella Thilde - died 1854; parents: Christoph Kelm and Caroline Harmel
* Kelm, Ludwig Rudolph - died 1861 as an infant - parents: Ludwig Kelm and Friederike Harmel
* Kelm, Pauline Ottilie - died 1866 at age 1 year/5 months - parents: Ludwig Kelm and Wilhelmine Ruhn
* Kelm, Wilhelm Andreas - married Elisabeth Erdman in 1808

* Kruger, Caroline - died 1859 - maiden name was Sanger - location: Budzin (in Prussia)
* Krueger, Johann - married Anna Christina Schulz (father Michael Schulz) - April 1799
* Kruger, Johann August - Dec. 1853 death record named George Krueger and Caroline Prechel (presumed to be parents) - location: Budzin (in Prussia)
* Kruger, Mathilde - died 1859 - record names Martin Kruger and Wilhelmine Sanger (parents?) - location: Budzin (in Prussia)
* Kruger, Michael - married Carolina Kelm in 1810
* Kruger, Rudolph Theodore - 1866 death record names Martin Kruger and Henriette Grams - location: Budzyn (in Prussia)

* Matzdorf, Emil - died in Budzin (Prussia) in 1852 - parents: Ludwig Matzdorf and Caroline Grams

* Mietzner, Johann Ludwig Rudolph - died 1857 - record names Friedrich Mietzner and Luise Zellmer (parents?)

* Messal, Anna Rosina - 1808 birth or christening record - parents: Michael Messal and Anna Dorothea Mann
* Messall, Anna Rosina - 1821 record names her parents as Michael Messall and Dorothea Man [line over n]
* Messal, Johann Gottlieb - 1807 birth or christening record - parents: Mich. Messal & Dorothea Mann; witnesses: Michael Nicolay, Anna Rosina Nicolay & Johann Klingbeil
* Missal, Michael - 1815 birth or christening record - parents: Michael Missal and Anna Dorothea Mann

* Mittelstedt, Christoph - died 1863 - location: Budzyn (in Prussia)
* Mittelstedt, Gottfried - named in Christoph Ludwig Mittelstedt's 1852 death record along with Gustine Prechel (mother?)
* Mittelstedt, Martin Ludwig - 1856 death record names Gottfried and Anna Justine Prechel (parents?)

* Tagatz, Johann Michael - christened Sept. 20, 1843; parents Martin Tagatz and Justine Missal - witnesses: Gottfried Kelm, Christoph Drews & Wilhelmine Drews

* Fandrey, Adam - 1810 record (birth or baptism) - parents: Michael Fandrey and Anna Dorothea Krieger
* Vandrey, Anna Elisabeth - 1822 birth or christening record - parents: Steffan Vandrey & Justine Henke
* Vandrei, Anna Justina - 1815 record (birth or christening) - parents: Johann Christoph Vandrei & Anna Justina Henke
* Vandrey, Caroline - 1823 record (birth or christening) shows her parents were Christoph Vandrey and Justine Henke
* Wandrey, Christian - named in another person's 1865 death record; Luise Lewin was also named
* Fandrey, Dorothea Elisabeth - married Johann Dahlke in 1809
* Vandrey, Johann Friedrich - born (or christened) in 1814 - parents: Michael Vandrey & Anna Dorothea Kruger
* Wandrei, Johann Ludwig - death record Sept. 1866 (Budzyn, Prussia)
* Fandrey, Johann Michael - born in 1803; parents: Gottfried Fandrey and Rosina Fuhrman - location: Budzyn (in Prussia)
* Fandrey, Michael - born in 1809; parents: Christoph Fandrey and Anna Rosina Siewert - location: Budzin (Prussia)
* Wandrey, Paul - named in Wilhelmine Vandrey's death record (Aug. 1852) - also named was Caroline Kahnerka (mother?) - location: Budzin (in Prussia)
* Vandrey, Peter - died in 1857
* Wandrey, Rosine - Christoph Reetz's death record (1857) names Johann Reetz and Rosine Wandrey (parents?)
* Vandrey, Wilhelm Julius - died in 1857; Wilhelm Vandrey and Ernestine Matthews named (parents?) - location: Budzin (in Prussia)

* Wicher, Gustav - born (or christened?) April 27, 1855 - parents: Friedrich Wicher and A. Dorothea Luhm

Class Photos 1946 - Neshkoro High School:
* Junior Class - Girls, including Bernice Buchholz, Elaine Krause, Carolyn Bandt (Dahlke), Florence Ketteler, Delores Sommer, Arlene Weckwerth, Iva Mae Dorsey
* Junior Class - Boys, including Marvin Steinke, Ivan Dorsey, William Warmbier, George Mueller, Wilmar Gohlke, Bill Roberts, Donald Bandt, George Phillips

Added October 2007:

"A Warnke Genealogy" -- written by Orlan Warnke (1989)

Added June 2007:

Notes from Misc. News Items:
* Fred Tagatz injured himself doing carpenter work in 1933.
* Arnold Schauer attended his uncle Julius Schauer's funeral in Budsin in 1933.

Citizenship/Immigration Documents:
* Michael Tagatz (Johann Michael Tagatz)
* August Tagarts (Tagatz) - immigrated 1852
* Martin Tagert (Tagatz) - immigrated 1852

* Boeker, Otto
* Messall, Justine (wife to Martin Tagatz) -- updated photo from prior version
* Tagatz, Bill
* Tagatz, Bill and Glenn in Germania
* Tagatz, Christoph (Christian) and his family: his wife Louisa (Schatzke) Tagatz, and children Amelia, Emil, Henry, Rudolph, Christoph, Gustav and Herman
* Tagatz, Edwin C. and his son William G. Tagatz
* Tagatz, Edwin Christoph Martin and his siblings - Christina Louisa Viola Tagatz, Lillian Florence Mamie Tagatz, Herman George Henry Tagatz
* Tagatz, Frederick W.
* Tagatz, Herman John & his family; his wife Emma Louisa (Matz) Tagatz; and their children Lillian, Edwin C., George and Viola
* Tagatz: Wilhelmina, Albert, Edwin, Alpha, Gilbert and Lawrence at Martin Tagatz's farm house
* Tagatz, Christina Louisa Viola ("Viola")

Added May 2007:

Military Record Info:
    * Kieck, August Charley - World War I registration
    * Kieck, Wilhelm Friedrick - World War I registration
    * Tagatz, Adolph - World War I registration
    * Tagatz, Alpha Alex - World War I registration
    * Tagatz, Albert - World War I registration
    * Tagatz, Arthur Paul - World War I registration
    * Tagatz, Edwin C. - World War I registration
    * Tagatz, Gilbert Henry - World War I registration
    * Tagatz, Gustave Albert - World War I registration
    * Tagatz, Rudolph Adolph - World War I registration
    * Tagatz, Theodore Paul - World War I registration

* Maps and/or Transcriptions from 1878 Illustrated Historical Atlas of Wisconsin:
    * Columbia County Maps & History
    * Sauk County Maps & History
    * Winnebago County Maps & History

Added April 2007:

* Maps and/or Transcriptions from 1878 Illustrated Historical Atlas of Wisconsin:
    * Fond du Lac County Maps & History
    * Juneau County Maps & History
    * Wood County History & Maps

Added March 2007:

* Maps and/or Transcriptions from 1878 Illustrated Historical Atlas of Wisconsin:
    * Adams County Maps & History
    * Portage County History & Maps
    * Waupaca County History & Maps
    * Waushara County History & Maps

* Photos:
    * Amelia Rose Block Garrison
    * Caroline "Carrie" Block Milligan
    * Dorothy "Dolly" Auguste Block Reynders
    * Otillie "Delia" Emilie Block Phillips
    * Wilhelm "William" Block
    * Group shot including Ed Bandt, Evaline Dorothea Tagatz Phillips and Otillie "Delia" Emilie Block Phillips

* Updated Block misc. records web site with additional records from Kreis Kolmar, Prussia:
    * August Block married Caroline Ronfranz (of Budzin) on Aug. 22, 1852;
    * Friedrich August Block christened Dec. 22, 1833;
    * Gottfried Block married Louise Friske May 18, 1825;
    * Gottlieb Block married Anna Dorothea Wende__ in 1822;
    * Johann Friedrich Wilhelm Block married Anna Louise Reiter May 8, 1832;
    * Johann Ludwig Block married Anna Christine Henke Nov. 21, 1824;
    * Johann Ludwig Block christened Dec. 5, 1830;
    * Julie Block christened April 21, 1833;
    * Michael Block married Anna Mariana Schruhl in 1825;
    * Wilhelmine Block christened Oct. 29, 1826.

Updated Dahlke misc. records web page with additional records from Kreis Kolmar, Prussia:
    * Johann Dahlke married Anna Dorothea Maerten on Jan. 3, 1838;
    * Peter Dahlke married Anna Christine Recter/Becher (??) on July 30, 1837.

* Updated Dietriech misc. records web page with an additional record from Kreis Kolmar, Prussia:
    * Johan Friedrich Trangott/Traugott (?) Dietrich married Johanna Sophia Adolph on Oct. 17, 1830.

* Updated Gruhlke misc. records web page with an additional record from Kreis Kolmar, Prussia:
    * August Gruhlke married Henriette Schulz in 1836.

* Updated Jahnke misc. records web page with additional records from Kreis Kolmar, Prussia:
    * Christoph Jahnke christened March 3, 1833;
    * Christoph Gottlieb Jahnke married Anna Caroline Zerbot;
    * Friedericke Wilhelmine Jahnke christened Oct. 7, 1832;
    * Friedrick Jahnke christened in 1817;
    * Gottlieb Carl Julius Jahnke christened Dec. 11, 1831 (of Budzin);
    * Johan Jahnke married Anna Justine Jahnke Jan. 1, 1827;
    * Johann Gottfried Jahnke christened June 11, 1832;
    * Johann Gottlieb Janke christened Feb. 13, 1829;
    * Johann Gottlieb Jahnke christened Dec. 26, 1837 (of Budzin);
    * Johann Wilhelm Jahnke christened Sept. 25, 1836 (of Budzin);
    * Theodor Ludwig Jahnke christened in Dec. 1837.

* Updated Mietz misc. records web site with additional records from Kreis Kolmar, Prussia:
    * Gottlieb Mietz married Caroline Wilhelmine Tarznewie (?) on Nov. 17, 1847;
    * Ludwig Mietz(en?) married Anna Elisabeth Klingbeil in 1822.

* Updated Mittelstaedt misc. records web page with additional records from Kreis Kolmar, Prussia:
    * Anna Rosina Mittelstaedt christened July 5, 1835;
    * Christoph Mittelstaedt christened May 7, 1837;
    * Ferdinand Wilhelm Mittelstaedt christened June 23, 1829 (of Budzin);
    * Friedrich August Mittelstaedt christened Feb. 3, 1827;
    * Johann Mittelstaedt married Maria Elisabeth Jahns on Feb. 21, 1827;
    * Johann August Mittelstaedt christened Aug. 9, 1835;
    * Johann Daniel Mittelstaedt christened Feb. 17, 1832;
    * Johan Gottlieb Mittelstaedt christened Nov. 13, 1825 (of Budzin);
    * Wilhelmine Mittelstaedt christened May 19, 1833.

* Updated Schubert misc. records web page with an additional record from Kreis Kolmar, Prussia:
    * Carl Gottlieb Schubert married Caroline Jahn on Oct. 8, 1867.

* Added Vandrey/Wandrey/Fandry misc. records web page with some records from Kreis Kolmar, Prussia:
    * Adam Vandrey married Anna ___tine Rosentrater Jan. 13, 1828;
    * Anna Justine Wandrey christened Sept. 13, 1839;
    * Christoph Vandrey married Wilhemine Pahl Sept. 20, 1836;
    * Daniel Vandrey married Anna Rosine Messall Nov. 15, 1829;
    * Gottfried Vandrey married Dorothea Dusterhoeft Jan. 1839;
    * Johann Vandrey married Anna Justine Vorwerk Feb. 3, 1825;
    * Johann August Vandrey christened Dec. 18, 1831;
    * Johann Christoph Vandrey & Johann Ludwig Vandrey christened Aug. 7, 1831;
    * Johann Gottlieb Vandrey married Anna Dorothea Oesterreich May 7, 1839;
    * Louise Vandrey christened Dec. 27, 1834;
    * Martin Vandrey married Dorothea Spiecher Oct. 13, 1832;
    * Martin Vandrey christened Nov. 25, 1838;
    * Michael Vandrey married Christina Gohle Nov. 18, 1821;
    * Samuel Vandrey christened Nov. 19, 1826;
    * Wilhelm Vandrey christened April 23, 1832 (of Budzin);
    * Wilhelmine Vandrey christened Feb. 12, 1832.

* Added 1905 Wisconsin Census details:
    * Rosina (Vandrey) Block and her son August;
    * Carl Krueger, his daughter Mollie (Krueger) Warnke & Alfred Warnke;
    * August Dahlke, his wife Emma and their children Willie, Emil, Frederick, Albert & Laura Dahlke;
    * Samuel Hartwell Sr.;
    * August Kieck and his wife Bertha (Kruger) Kieck and their daughter Clara Kieck;
    * Albert Klawitter (Kleveter) with his wife Theressa, children Lettie and Elmer and adopted son Clyde Shepard;
    * Herman Klawitter (farm laborer living in the household of Benjamin Brown);
    * Ludwig Klawitter; Emil Klawitter; Bertha (Zarbrook) Klawitter & Louisa (Schauer) Klawitter and Emil's children Alma, Ida and Elsie [all living in the same household];
    * Julia (Tagatz) Matz, husband August Matz and their children Adolph, Laura and Herman Matz;
    * Julius Matz, his wife Auguste & their children Carl and Irvin Matz;
    * Martin Matz and his wife Wilhelmie;
    * Julia A. Parker and her son Cephas C. Parker and boarder Joseph Richards;
    * George E. Phillips living with his wife Delia (Block) Phillips and their children Ellis, May, Vera, Raymond, Angelina and Fredrick Phillips;
    * Ludwig Schubert, his wife Julia (Wichner) Schubert & their children Addie (Eddie), Otto and Alwina Schubert;
    * August Siewert, his wife Annie & their children Charley, Clara, March, Elsie, Herman and Lilly Siewert;
    * Henry Seiwert [misspelled on census; should be Siewert] and his grandmother Caroline;
    * Herman Siewert, his wife Minnie and their children Emma, Ira, Arthur, Harry and Herbert Siewert;
    * George Street living with his wife Emma (Zarbrook) Street and their children Edward and Arthur;
    * Christoph Tagatz along with his son Rudolph Tagatz, servant Emma Guderjahn and grandson Christie Tagatz;
    * Fred Tagatz, his wife Frieda Emma (Schubert) Tagatz and their children Adeline, Laura and Hugo Tagatz;
    * John Martin Tagatz living with his wife Minnie and theit children Albert, Edwin, Alfa, Gilbert and Paul Tagatz;
    * Gotlip Zarbock living with his wife Gusta (Jahnke) Zarbock and their children Mandy and Alfred Zarbock;
    * Julia Zarbuck, her daughter Minnie (Zarbuck) Schuman, Minnie's husband Christoph Schuman, and their children Herman, Paulina, Anna and Ida Schuman;
    * Gustav Zarbuck.

Added February 2007:

1905 Wis. Census information posted on the families of: Ferdinand Tagatz (son of Martin Tagatz) living with his son August Tagatz's family; Michael Tagatz; August Carl Kieck Sr. and his wife Bertha Rack.
* Misc. records pertaining to Mathilda (Klawitter) Stelter and her family. This includes a reference to neighbors, including Herman Zacharias and August Mittlestadt.
* Photo: Alice Klawitter Stibb, Walter Stibb, Adeline Klawitter & Lawrence Stibb
* Photo: Ida Klawitter Turk, John Turk, Alma Klawitter (Cragin) and Frank Turk
* Photo: Leona Klawitter Ingraham and Willis Ingraham
* Photo: Edna Klawitter Erdman and John Erdman
* Photo: Lillian Street Cragin, Clarence Cragin, Amanda Zarbrook Cragin and Byron Cragin
* Photo: Cecil Klawitter
* Photos: Alfred Zarbrook (1); Alfred Zarbrook (2) & Alfred Zarbrook (3)
* Photo: Lutheran Church in Richford (Waushara Co.), Wisconsin
* Photos in or near Richford (Waushara Co.), WI: School House and Students (students' names unknown); Lumber Camp; Aerial View of Richford
* Photo - Packwaukee (Marquette Co.), WI: Lyman J. Cook Residence
* Photos - Germania (Marquette Co., WI): Germania Dam (Image 1); Germania Dam (Image 2); Mecan River Bridge; Fred Phillips' Farm House; Germania Flouring Mill; Creamery; Commune Buildings; Old Photo of Students in front of School House (students identified)
* Photos in Princeton, Green Lake Co., Wis: Farmer Street; American House; "Nymph" of Fox River; Water Street; Business Street
* Photo in Pipe, WI: Schubert's Grocery & Hardware Store
* Photos - Westfield High School: (Image 1); (Image 2)
* Photo: Whiting Plover Paper Co. (mill)
* Document Image: War Savings Staff Certificate - Fred Phillips
* Details about Benjamin Hall Phillips' military registration card (in 1918). Scroll down to "Child 2" (Bennie's father was Edward James Phillips and grandson of Angelina Ellis & James Madison Phillips).

Added January 2007:

* Photo: Children of August Wichner (later years)
* Photo: Albert Emil Wichner
* Photo: Robert Wichner
* Photo: Emma Wichner
* Photo: Elsie Wichner (Bruch)
* Photo: Children of August Wichner (early years)

* 1941 Cragin Family Reunion photos -- KL20 (95 people) and KL19
* 1947 Photo of John Gustave Yonkie (Johnke or Jahnke)

Added August 31, 2006:

1915 Westfield High School Yearbook -- More than 70 scanned in pages from this yearbook are posted on this website. In addition to the usual photos and information on students in 1914-1915, there is a three-page roster with details about alumni who attended the high school in 1901-1914.

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Photos Added in Recent Months:

Photo Gallery -- A photo gallery is being added. Browse the gallery or check the list of names to see if you know anyone in a gallery picture. More will be added in the near future, and I plan to organize the indexed name list differently after I see how long it gets. Check this page to see what's new later.

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