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Anne Dietrich Died Oct. 21, 1848 at the age of 64. No parents were listed. Jacob Frase was mentioned in the record (relationship unclear - may be her husband). Residence: Pempersin (Prussia). [LDS Film #245426 - "Evangelisches Pfarant zu" Vandsburg]
August Theresia Dietrich Born Mar. 8, 1854; christened Apr. 2, 1854. Parents: Ludwig Dietrich and Caroline of Runowo. Witnesses: Ludwig Barz, Justine Kruger and Eva Schauer. [LDS Film #245422 Evangelisch, Vandsburg, Prussia, records]
Auguste Dietrich Died Oct. 5, 1857 at age 21. Residence: Koschegora (?). Other person named in record was Gottlieb Bigalke (relationship untranslated). [LDS Film #245426 - "Evangelisches Pfarant zu" Vandsburg]
Auguste Dietrich Auguste Dietrich and Gottlieb Bigalke were the parents of August Hermann Louis Bigalke who was born Dec. 10, 1856 and christened Dec. 26, 1856. Residence: Pempersin. Witnesses to August Bigalke's christening were Carl and Amalie Bigalke, Ferdinand Scharmer, Johan and August Nast [line over n in Johan], Ludwig Tarnow, Louise Koepnu (?) and Christlieb (?) Paul. [LDS Film #245426 - "Evangelisches Pfarant zu" Vandsburg]
Carl Edward Dietrich Born April 20, 1844; baptized May 1, 1844. Parents: Michael Dietrich and Elisabeth Klawin of Vandsburg. Witnesses names difficult to read. [LDS Film #0245420 - Vandsburg Evangelische Kirche, Record #1367]
Dorothea Dietrich See Misc. Gruhlke Surname Records. This Dorothea had several children with Paul Grulke, and a Dorothea Dietrich had a child with Christoph Grulke. Also see Louise Schauer's page. A Dorothea Dietrich married to Daniel Schauer was Louise's grandmother.
Eduard Wilhelm [abbrev. as Wilh] Dietrich Born July 5, 1863. Parents: Wilhelm [abbreviated as Wilh.] Dietrich and Ana, Miller [line over n] of Neulubeza (?). Witnesses: Michael Muller [abbreviated as Mich.]. Witness names are hard to read although one is Michael Muller [abbreviated as Mich.] [LDS Film #245422 Evangelisch, Vandsburg, Prussia, records]
Ernst Rudolph Dietrich Born Mar. 13, 1856; christened Mar. 24, 1856. Parents: Ludwig Dietrich and Caroline Kruger of Ronowo. Witnesses: Friedrich Schafer (? or Lechafer), Daniel [last name illegible] and Katharine Zbose. [LDS Film #245422 Evangelisch, Vandsburg, Prussia, records]
Johann David Dietrich Baptized March 1836. Parents: Michael Dietrich and Elisabeth Klawun of Vandsburg (Prussia). Witnesses: Caroline ______ (last name illegible), Justine Klawun and David Dalluge (umlat over the "u"). [LDS Film #245420 - Evangelisch Vandsburg (Prussia)]
Johan Friedrich Trangott (?) DietrichJohan Friedrich Trangott (?) Dietrich married Johanna Sophia Adolph of Podrtollitz on Oct. 17, 1830. Johan [umlat over the n in the first name] was from __iebenau [1st letter hard to read; could be an L or an S]. Johan's father was Gotthilf Traugott (?) Dietrich. Johanna's father was Johann Adolph also of Podrtollitz. The groom was age 27; the bride's age is hard to read but starts with the number 2. [SOURCE: LDS Film # 1194721 - Kreis Kolmar, Prussia]
Johann Theobald Dietrich Born June 1, 1859; baptized July 10, 1859. Parents: Ludwig Dietrich and Caroline Kruger. Witnesses: Gottlieb Haase, Charlotte Bethne (?) and Carl Rolitz. [LDS Film #245422 Evangelisch, Vandsburg, Prussia, records]
Julius Dietrich Born Sept. 21, 1859; baptized Oct. 2, 1859. Parents: Wilhelm Dietrich and Ana Elisabeth Muller [line over the n] of Neu Lubz (Prussia). Witnesses: Friedrich Stolp (?), Michael [last name illegible] and Elisabeth Zils. [LDS Film #245422 Evangelisch, Vandsburg, Prussia, records]
Justine Dietrich Born Jan. 2, 1847; baptized Jan. 16, 1847. Parents: Wilhelm Dietrich and Anna Elisabeth Muller of Pempersin (Prussia). Witnesses: Caroline Muller, Johan Muller [line over the n] and David [last name illegible]. [LDS Film #245426 - "Evangelisches Pfarant zu" Vandsburg]
Ludwig Dietrich Married Caroline in 1840 in Prussia. Her last name was hard to read. I wrote it in my notes as Verdger with a big question mark. I suspect this may be Kruger based on other notes from a descendent who said Caroline Kruger married Ludwig Dietrich Nov. 17, 1840. I don't know if this record is the correct source for the Dietrich/Kruger marriage. (umlats over the "u" in Kruger -- since umlats don't read in all browsers, I'm noting this separately) [LDS Film # 245423 - Evangelisch Vandsburg 1834-1852 Records - 1840 Entry #266]
Michael Dietrich Baptized Feb. 1834. Parents: Christoph Dietrich and Justine Kunz ( ?? surname hard to read - may be mistranscribed). Witnesses: Louise Frank and two others [names illegible]. [LDS Film #245420 - Evangelisch Vandsburg, Prussia]

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