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Louise and her husband Ludwig Klawitter

Louise Amalie Schauer [Klawitter]
aka Luise or Louisa

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Feb. 7, 1847
Descendants were told that Louise's birthdate was Feb. 7, 1847, and her death certificate confirms that date. A Vandsburg, Prussia, baptismal record says that Louise Amalie Schauer was born Feb. 1847 [the actual date of birth was obscured] and baptized on Feb. 14, 1847. Her parents were listed as Daniel Schauer and Catharine Tesmer. The town of Wisforia was listed in this record (possibly their residence in the Vandsburg district). Sponsors were Elisabeth Bleck (? hard to read surname), Johan Hardel (? hard to read surname) and Justine Glaser. [SOURCE: LDS Film #245421, Vandsburg records]

See her Death Certificate, which says she died at the age of 85 years, 3 months and 27 days on June 3, 1932. This confirms the possibility of the Feb. 1847 birth month.

Daniel Schauer and Catharine Tesmer
The birth record found in Vandsburg shows different parents (Daniel Schauer and Catharine Tesmer) than were listed on her death certificate (Fred and Anna Schauer) -- although it is possible they are the same people but used their middle names later in life. Her full name in the baptismal record (see above) matches the full name in her marriage record, giving more validity to the baptismal record. Since their son Emil was the informant on her death certificate, those names were likely what she was told.

There is some confusion about her past. Family oral history says that she originally came to America with her parents and siblings when she was nine years old but was sent back because her papers were not in order. Her "parents" supposedly settled in Wisconsin. She then returned with her husband years later. Is it possible that Emil was given the names of the people who posed as her parents? Were they her adoptive parents? To protect them, she might have continued to say they were her parents so that they would not be deported for lying. This is pure speculation since we do have documentation to explain what happened in her first attempt to come to America.

Louise's siblings (other children of Daniel Schauer and Catharine Tesmer):
  • Paul Friedrich Schauer - born Jan. 11, 1842 christened Jan. 23, 1842; residence - Wisfona or Wisjahn [hard to read]; witnesses: Martin Schauer, Martin Totke or Lotke (?), Eva Rosine Tesmer [LDS Film #245420, Vandsburg records]
  • Johann Ludwig Schauer - born May 17, 1843; christened May 21, 1843; location: Wisjahn (?); witnesses: Daniel [surname illegible - looked something like Glaser], Michael Marquardt and Dorothea Schmidt. [LDS Film #245420, Vandsburg records]
  • Caroline Wilhelmine Schauer - born Feb. 22, 1845; christened March 16, 1845. Witnesses: Daniel Meyer [line over the y], Rose Schauer and Justine Gert. Residence: Wisfona (?). [SOURCE: LDS Film #0245420 - Vandsburg Evangelische Kirche]
  • Anna Elisabeth Schauer - born Jan. 16, 1850; christened Jan. 24, 1850; location mentioned in Anna's christening record - Wisforia; witnesses - Johan Bleck, Elisabeth Zech [?] and Ana Schauer. [LDS Film #245421, Vandsburg records]

Anna Elisabeth Schauer married Carl Reimer on Jan. 11, 1871. Anna was from Neu Battrow, and Carl was from Battrow. The groom's age was 27, and the bride was 21 (which matches Anna Schauer's birthdate given above). My ancestor Louise (Anna's sister) also got married in Battrow.[LDS Film #1496971 - Evangelischen Kirche zu Battrow]

Louise Schauer's Grandparents:

Daniel Schauer, age 25, married Catherine Tesmer, age 21, on Nov. 26, 1839. Daniel's parents were listed as Michael Schauer and Dorothea Dietrich. Catherine's parents were Christian Tesmer and Christine Koplin. Daniel's family was from Wittun; Catharine's family was from Wisforia. [SOURCES: Vandsburg, West Prussia, Evan. Record - LDS Patron Sheet Batch #8719703; LDS Film # 245423 Evangelisch Vandsburg 1834-1852 Records]

A Battrow, Prussia record says Christine Koeplin [possibly Louise Schauer's grandmother] died on Jan. 9, 1866 and was interred Jan. 12, 1866. She was 78 years old when she died, and her married name was Tessmer. Her residence was given as Battrow. [SOURCE: LDS Film #1496971 - Evangelischen Kirche zu Battrow]

Christian Tesmer was christened Dec. 28, 1777 in Vandsburg, Westpreussen, Preussen. His parents were Albert Tesmer and Catharina Ostrowke. He may or may not be the Christian Tesmer who was Louise Schauer's grandfather; he would have been about 41 years old at the time when Catherine Tesmer (Louise's mother) was born. [SOURCE: LDS records online at www.familysearch.ofg]

To see misc. Koplin surname records, go to the Koplin web page. To see misc. Tesmer surname records, go to the Tesmer web page.

Married Ludwig Christian Klaviter on Dec. 30, 1868 in Battrow, Prussia
A marriage record in Battrow, Prussia, said Ludwig Christian Klaviter married Louise Amalie Schauer on Dec. 30, 1868. This record said he was 24 years old and his new wife was 20. [SOURCE: LDS Film #1496971 - Evangelischen Kirche zu Battrow (Batrorowo)]

Her death certificate confirms that Ludwig Klawitter was her husband.

Children: Go to Ludwig Klawitter's web page for extensive details about the children Ludwig and Louise had together (including information about their immediate families and descendants).

Louise and Ludwig Klawitter's children were Albert Gustav Klawitter (b. 1869), Emil Ludwig Klawitter (b. 1871), Carl Ferdinand Klaviter (1874), Ernst Paul Klawitter (b. 1885), Herman R. Klawitter (b. 1889), and possibly three other children (names/details unknown). A 1900 Federal Census in Mecan, Marquette Co., WI, refers to 8 children.

Emil was my ancestor, and I've set up a separate web page with his extensive family details [click here to see Emil's page].

Immigration: Louise came to America with her husband and two of their children. See Ludwig Klawitter's web page for details about their arrival in the United States in 1893.
Census Record:
1900 Federal Census
Mecan, Marquette Co., WI
The 1900 Federal Census in Mecan, Marquette Co., WI, shows:
  • Emil Klavitter (age 27, farmer, born Apr. 1873 in Germany)
  • wife Bertha (age 17, born Dec. 1882 in Wisconsin, her parents were born in Germany, she had no children)
  • father Louis (age 57, born Feb. 1843 in Germany)
  • mother Louisia [as spelled on census form] (age 53, born Sept. 1847 in Germany; had 8 children with 4 living in 1900)
It appears the month of birth of Ludwig and Louise may be switched on this census. Other sources says his birth is Feb. 1847 and her birth is Sept. 1843. It's possible the census taker got the two months mixed up or that his date of birth given on his death record is in error. This census said that both her parents were born in Germany (her father was born in Wisconsin). I have not yet been able to account for all eight of her children yet.
Census Record:
1905 Wisconsin Census Mecan, Marq. Co., WI
The 1905 Wisconsin Census in Mecan, Marq. Co., WI, shows:
  • Emil Klawitter (age 32, born in Germany, parents born in Germany, farmer, owns his own home free of a mortgage)
  • Bertha Klawitter (wife, age 21, born in the U.S., parents born in Germany)
  • Alma Klawitter (daughter, age 4, born in the U.S.)
  • Ida Klawitter (daughter, age 3, born in the U.S.)
  • Elsie Klawitter (daughter, age 1, born in the U.S.)
  • Ludwig Klawitter (father, age 68, born in Germany, parents born in Germany, married)
  • Louisa Klawitter (mother, age 65, born in Germany, parents born in Germany)
Census Record:
1920 Federal Census
Buffalo, Marquette Co., WI
The 1920 Federal Census in Buffalo, Marquette Co., WI, shows:
  • Emil L. Klawitter (age 47, farmer, owns his home but with a mortgage, born in Germany)
  • wife Bertha P. Klawitter (age 36, born in Wis.)
  • daughter Alma (age 18, single, born in Wis.)
  • daughter Elsie L. (age 15, born in Wis.)
  • daughter Leona C. (age 13, born in Wis.)
  • son Edwin A. (age 11, born in Wis.)
  • daughter Eveline B. (age 8, born in Wis.)
  • son Herbert H. (age 6, born in Wis.)
  • daughter Alice M. (age 4 years and 11 months, born in Wis.)
  • daughter (age 2 years and 8 months, born in Wis.)
  • daughter Edna H. (or K. - hard to read) (age 1 year and 10 months, born in Wis.)
  • mother-in-law Louisa (age 73, immigrated to USA in 1893, born in Germany)
June 3, 1933
Louise died June 3, 1932 in Packwaukee, Marquette Co., WI and is buried in the Montello Cemetery with her husband. See her Marquette County, Wisconsin, death certificate, which confirms this date. The certificate also said: Ludwig Klawitter was her husband; she was a housewife born in Germany; she died of senile gangreen [as spelled] (duration one year and three months) with a contributory factor of age (she was 85 years, three months and 27 days old). Her son Emil Klawiter was the informant. It said that her parents were Fred and Anna Shower of Germany (this does not match Prussian records).

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