For My Cousins Family Bible - Clara Tagatz Weckwerth - Pg. 4

Go to Johann Michael Tagatz's web page for family details. He was Clara's father.

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Page 3 - Family Bible
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Family Bible - Belonged to Clara Tagatz Weckwerth.
This record page is in old German and difficult to read for anyone not familiar with old German script.

The above page has information about Clara Tagatz Weckwerth's father-in-law Gustav Weckwerth, mother-in-law Wilhelmina Draeger Weckwerth and their children. For census and other information on these individuals, go to J. Michael Tagatz's web site; Michael was Clara's father]. Here are details taken from the Bible page shown above:

Father born Dec. 12, 1853, Prov. Posen [this would be Clara Tagatz Weckwerth's father, Gustav Weckwerth].

Mother born June 4, 1859, Town Neshkoro, Marquette [Co., Wisconsin -- this would be Wilhelmina Draeger Weckwerth]

The following entries would be their children; the information in parentheses was taken from the family tree posted on Bill Tagatz's web site:
Henry A. - born Feb. 22, 1877 [Heinrich August Weckwerth]
Gustav A. - born Jan. 6, 1879; died Jan. 19, 1879 [Gustave A. Weckwerth]
Anna E. - born Dec. 20, 1879 [Anna Ernestine Weckwerth; died Feb. 12, 1963]
Julius A. - born May 13, 1882 [Julius August Weckwerth' died Jan. 7, 1960]
Ernest F. - born Oct. 5, 1884 [Ernest Friedrich Weckwerth; died Oct. 15, 1959]
Maria L. - born March 24, 1887 [Marie Louise Weckwerth; died June 22, 1969]
August M. - born Oct. 17, 1889 [August Martin Weckwerth; died Aug. 11, 1978]
Ottelie H. - born Feb. 26, 1892 [Ottilie Herminnie Weckwerth]
Arthur C.T. - born June 10, 1895 [Arthur Carl Theodore Weckwerth; died March 27, 1946]
Leohnard C.L. - born Dec. 25, 1899; died Jan. 24, 1967 [his name is spelled as Leonard elsewhere -- Leonard Christopher Ludwig Weckwerth]
Freida L. - born June 3, 1903 [Frieda Lucille Weckwerth; died May 1979

Father died March 5, 1924 [Ernest Weckwerth]
Mother died May 10, 1938 [Wilhelmina Draeger Weckwerth]
Ottilie died March 5, 1940
Arthur died March 1946
Ernest died Oct. 15, 1959
Julius died Jan. 1960
Henry died Nov. 12, 1960

Thanks to Joanie Ingraham for helping decipher some of the hard-to-read German records for Bill Tagatz (and special thanks to Bill Tagatz for sending this Bible to me).

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