For My Cousins Family Bible - Clara Tagatz Weckwerth - Pg. 3

Go to Johann Michael Tagatz's web page for family details. He was Clara's father.

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Page 3 - Family Bible
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Family Bible - Belonged to Clara Tagatz Weckwerth.
This record page is in old German and difficult to read for anyone not familiar with old German script.

Here is a information taken from the record page shown above:

Our second mother Caroline Albertine Sievert was born on the 13th of January 1857.

Their next son Michael Robert Tagatz was born on Oct. 1, 1873 and died Sept. 10, 1874 [the month is hard to read and may be mistranscribed; however, his tombstone also gives this date]

Their next daughter Lydia Maria Tagatz was born Sept. 30, 1875 [again the month is hard to read and may be mistranscribed; however, the 1900 Federal Census says she was born Sept. 1875]

Their second son Edward Julius Tagatz was born January 18, 1878 and died March 31, 1879.

Their second daughter Hulda Blundine tagatz was born on Dec. 31, 1879 [her middle name may also have been spelled Blondine or Blondina].

Their third son Richard Reinhold Tagatz was born January 27, 1882 [middle name looks like Rinnold in Bible].

Their four son Theodor Paul Tagatz was born Nov. 4, 1883 [his first name was spelled Theodore in other sources].

Their third daughter Klara Johann Tagatz was born Jan. 26, 1887 [her first name was spelled Clara elsewhere].

For information about Clara and Ernest's families, go to Johann Michael Tagatz's web page.
J. Michael Tagatz was Clara's father.

Thanks to Joanie Ingraham for helping decipher some of the hard-to-read German records for Bill Tagatz (and special thanks to Bill Tagatz for sending this Bible to me).

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