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Letter by Henrietta Jones Ellis Pierce Hall to her daughter Angie Ellis Phillips Hartwell
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Letter from Henrietta Jones Ellis Pierce Hall to her daughter Angelina "Angie" Ellis Phillips Hartwell (written about 1890). For more information about these individuals, go to Henrietta's or Angie's web pages.

Here's a transcription of this letter:

Dear Angie

I trust you are strong in faith in God's promise this morning - believing to have His full promise accomplished in His way. It doth not yet appear what we shall be - for we see this a glass darkly but then face to face, and now can say to glorify Thee in the healing power let it now be manifested to Thy glory - a full consecration, a full abandon of self-clay in the hands of the Potter and their abide till the union is complete between you and Christ, it at once, Amen - if He should seem to tarry, still the offering we make in His name we'll never take back - no longer our own - bought with a price - On this my soul relies "Jesus they promise never dies." This has been my comfort and strength thru the night - and thru the day. I'll here abide and will surely remember the hour 3-30-P.M. O God give faith in all the borders Amen - and let the manifestation be accomplished in His way and not in ours only in perfect accord with His will.

Copy of letter courtesy of Tim Pletkovich.

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