For My Cousins Ottilie Emilie Tagatz [aka Delia; married surname Matz]
Christening Record August 1, 1848

Go to Martin Tagatz's web page for family details. Martin was Ottilie's father.

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Christening record for Ottilie Emilie Tagatz - August 1, 1848.

Parents: Martin Tagatz and Justine Missal. Residence - Wittkowitz. Radke is a location mentioned in this record as well, but it is also named in the other entries throughout the source microfilm. Witnesses to the baptism were Gottfried Kelm, Daniel Kelm and Ernestine Drews. [SOURCE: LDS Record # 1194738 - Kirchenbuch - Kr. Kolmar]

Ottilie was also called Delia. She married August Matz in 1866.

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