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Germania Justina Messall [Taggatz or Tagatz]
or Gustine or Justine Messal [possibly Ernestine] or Missal

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May 8, 1810
Family notes say she was born May 8, 1810 in Prussia. Her tombstone in the Matz-Tagatz Cemetery confirms the month and year of birth.
Parents: Unknown
Married to Martin Tagatz
She is presumed to be married to the father of her children, Martin Tagatz. Records found in Prussia show they were the parents of several children (Johann Samuel, August and Johann Michael Tagatz). My research shows that the records of the two older sons showed Taggatz spelled with 2 G's; Johann's last name was spelled with one G in a baptismal record.
Children Martin Tagatz's and Justina had nine children together. See Martin's web site for extensive details about these children.
Likely 1852
If Justina immigrated with her husband and sons, she may have come to America in 1852 (based on dates shown on the 1900 census records posted on Martin Tagatz's web site).
Census Record:
1860 Federal Census
Crystal Lake, Marquette Co., WI
The 1860 Federal Census in Crystal Lake, Marquette Co., WI, shows:
  • Martin Tagets (age 59, farmer, real estate value $2500; personal estate value $926, born in Prussia)
  • Justina (age 57, born in Prussia)
  • Michael (age 16, laborer, born in Prussia)
  • Delia (age 12, born in Prussia)
  • Julia (age 5, born in Wis.).
Census Record:
1870 Federal Census
Shields, Marquette Co., WI
The 1870 Federal Census in Shields, Marquette Co., WI, shows Ernestine, who may well be Justina Messall, the widow of Martin Taggatz. The ages match, and Julia is her daughter. Could Ernestine be her middle name? August Matz was Justina's son-in-law. Martin Tagatz supposedly had a niece by the name of Ernestina, but the age doesn't match (the niece was born in 1831, which would have made her 39 in 1870).
  • Head of Household: August Matz (age 32, farmer, born in Prussia, real estate property value $900, personal estate value given but is hard to read - could be $553 or $583)
  • wife Odelia (age 21, "keeping house," born in Prussia)
  • Elvenia (age 1, born in Wis.)
  • Ernestine Tagget (age 60, "without occupation," born in Prussia)
  • Julia Taggat (age 14, born in Wis.).
Sept. 30, 1874
Family notes say that she died Sept. 30, 1874 in Crystal Lake, Marquette Co., WI. She is buried in the Matz-Tagatz Cemetery; the tombstone confirms this date. [I have a picture of this headstone.]

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