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Family Photo Frederick James Phillips
also known as Fred or Fritz

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May 10, 1904
Family oral history, his obituary and his funeral notice printed by Wachholz & Sons, Princeton, WI, says he was born May 10, 1904. Family members say Fred was born in Germania, Marquette Co., WI, on May 10, 1904. (This is the birthdate we celebrated with him). His Social Security death record (on index) says he was born May 3, 1904, which is incorrect.
Ottilie Emilie "Delia" Block and George Ellis Phillips
Family oral history says his parents were Delia [Ottilie] Block and George Phillips. This is confirmed by census records (see census entries below).
Married Evaline Tagatz
He married Evaline Tagatz on Jan. 6, 1929 in Westfield, Marquette Co., WI. This date is given in his father-in-law Fred Tagatz's Bible and on a wedding announcement.

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Child 1:
George Ellis Phillips
b. July 10, 1929
d. Dec. 8, 1983
George Ellis Phillips was born July 10, 1929 in the Peirce house in Germania, Marquette Co., Wisconsin. He married twice and had 11 children. He was a Green Lake county surveyor and later worked in a title company. He served in the U.S. Air Force for four years and served as a land surveyor in Labrador, Greenland, Alaska, the Caribbean and other areas. He attended the University of Wisconsin. He died in Phoenix, AZ on Dec. 8, 1983 and is buried in Westfield East Cemetery.

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Child 2:
Edith Joyce Phillips
b. Nov. 22, 1930
d. Nov. 29, 1950
Edith Joyce Phillips was born Nov. 22, 1930 in Germania, Marquette Co., WI. She died at age 20 (on Nov. 29, 1950) of a brain hemorrhage. She is buried in the East Side Cemetery at Westfield. She graduated from Montello High School and attended the Central State Teachers College at Stevens Point. She was a third grade teacher at Colby, Wisconsin. She never married and had no children.

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Occupation: Marquette County Surveyor; Owned an Insurance Business Certificate of Elections and Wisconsin Blue Books prove he was elected county surveyor; many platted documents in Marquette County have his signature. I watched him working on surveying jobs in his living room many years and held the surveyor tape measure for him in the field when I was young.
Residence: Germania, Marquette County, WI He had a farm adjacent to the current Germania Marsh Wildlife Preserve, just north/northeast of the Mecan River (in Section 36 of Crystal Lake Township).
Census Record:
1905 Wisconsin Census
Shields, Marquette Co., WI
The 1905 Wisconsin Census in Shields, Marquette Co., WI, shows:
  • George E. Phillips (head of household, age 50, born in Wisconsin, parents born in NY and Mass., farmer & surveyor, owns his own home free of a mortgage)
  • Delia A. Phillips (wife, age 44, born in Wis., parents born in Wis. [birthplace information incorrect])
  • Ellis G. Phillips (son, age 19, single, born in Wis., farm laborer)
  • May H. Phillips (daughter, age 17, single, born in Wis.)
  • Vera D. Phillips (daughter, age 15, born in Wis.)
  • Raymond W. Phillips (son, age 12, born in Wis.)
  • Angelina R. Phillips (daughter, age 6, born in Wis.)
  • Fredrick J. Phillips (son, age 1, born in Wis.)
Census Record:
1910 Federal Census
Shields, Marquette Co., WI
The 1910 Federal Census in Shields, Marquette Co., WI, shows the following:
  • head of household: George Phillips (age 55, married 26 years, farmer, born in Wisconsin, father born in New York state, mother born in Massachusetts)
  • wife Delia Phillips (age 45, had 8 children with 7 living at the time of this census, born in Germany)
  • son Ellis Phillips (age 24, farm laborer, born in Wis.)
  • daughter Vera Phillips (age 19, born in Wis.)
  • son Raymond Phillips (age 16, farm laborer, born in Wis.)
  • daughter Angie Rose Phillips (age 10, born in Wis.)
  • son Fredrick James Phillips (age 6, born in Wis.)
  • daughter Carrie Naoma Phillips (age 3, born in Wis.)
Census Record:
1920 Federal Census
Shields, Marquette Co., WI
The 1920 Federal Census in Shields, Marquette Co., WI, shows the following:
  • head of household: Geo. E. Phillips [first name smudged, but the E. is clear] (age 64, born in Wisconsin, father born in New York, mother born in Massachusetts)
  • wife born in Germany (age and name smudged and illegible)
  • son Raymond W. Phillips (age 26)
  • son Fred James Phillips (age 15)
  • daughter Angelina R. Phillips (age illegible)
  • daughter Caroline N. Phillips (age 13)
Census Record:
1930 Federal Census
Shields, Marquette Co., WI
The 1930 Federal Census in Shields, Marquette Co., WI, shows the following:
  • Frederick J. Phillips (age 25, married at age 24, born in Wis., mother born in Germany, father born in Wis., farm laborer)
  • wife Evaline D. Phillips (age 24, age at marriage given but is hard to read - could be 22), born in Wis., parents born in Wis.)
  • son George E. Phillips (age under 1 year - hard to read but might be 8 months, born in Wis.)
Misc. Note: Helped establish Germania Wildlife Preserve Warranty Deed #90555 dated Apr. 24, 1956 in Marquette County, WI, shows that Fred and his wife sold 120 acres to the State of Wisconsin, Conservation Commission. This land became part of the Germania Marsh. An Aug. 20, 1959 article in The Central Union, Westfield, Marquette Co., newspaper states the Germania Marsh Wildlife area was dedicated Aug. 23, 1959. This same newspaper talks about Fred Phillips, vice president of the Germania Conservation Club and member of the Isaac Walton League, meeting with Harry Kelm, president of the Conservation Club, and officers of the State Conservation Dept. and others to discuss the dedication.
Misc. Note: Respected Member of the Community His obituary mentioned the following: he served on the Marquette County Planning Board for 17 years; was a member of the Montello Masonic Lodge; was on the Germania school board for 24 years; served one term on the Montello Integrated District board; was treasurer and trustee of Evangelical United Brethren Church and of the United Methodist Church after the merger.
Misc. Note: Chairman on Committee on Trade A Certificate dated Apr. 22, 1943 said Fred was the Chairman of the Committee on Trade for the Town of Shields, State of Wisconsin for the Treasury Department of the United States of America - War Savings Staff. Go to War Savings Staff Certificate to see an image of the certificate.
Misc. Note:
Owned Telephone Stock
Fred J. Phillips owned stock in Shields' Telephone Company (Germania, WI) stock. The stock certificate was signed Dec. 24, 1943 by President R.W. Fenske and Secretary Louis Bethke.
Dec. 12, 1974
Buried in Westside East Side Cemetery (Westfield, Marquette County, WI) even though he lived in Germania. His wife's family was buried in Westfield. His date of death is confirmed by a funeral notice and in his obituary.

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