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Mar. 5, 1906 in Westfield, Marquette Co., WI
Evaline was born on Mar. 5, 1906 in Westfield, Marquette Co., WI. This family oral history is confirmed in Wisconsin Births 1820-1907 records; in the Social Security index (on; in the Funeral Notice put together by Wachholz and Sons [funeral home in Princeton, WI] and on her death certificate.
Frederick William Tagatz and Frieda Emma Schubert
Frederick William Tagatz and Frieda Emma Schubert were Evaline's parents. This family history was confirmed in 1910 and 1920 Federal Census records as well as on her death certificate (see census and death entries below).

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Married to Fred Phillips
Evaline was married on Jan. 6, 1929 to Fred Phillips in Westfield, Marquette Co., WI. This date is given in her father Fred Tagatz's Bible and on a wedding announcement. Her marriage took place in the home of Emil Messerchmidt, J.P. [SOURCE: Russell Williams]

For more details about her spouse and their family, go to Fred Phillips' web page.

2 children
Evaline and her husband had two children. For details about her children, see the web page of her husband Fred Phillips.
Occupation: Teacher, Homemaker and Reporter Evaline graduated from Westfield High School and Teachers Training Course; attended Central State Teachers College at Stevens Point and taught in Marquette County schools for seven years (including three years in Budsin before consolidation closed the small county schools). A scrapbook in my possession has clippings on her time in teaching training. She also gave piano lessons (her business card is also in my possession) and played piano in her church.

She was chosen 'Mrs. Homemaker of Year' in 1970 at the Marquette Co. Extension Homemakers Christmas Fair at Westfield High School, according to a Dec. 8, 1970 Portage Daily Register article. In 1970, she had been a member of the Germania Homemaker Club for 30 years. She was the first president of the club when it formed in 1940, was president for 28 years and vice president in 1970.

She reported Germania news to the Marquette County Tribune from 1934 to 1987. [SOURCE: Her obituary plus her articles can be found in the newspaper archives.]

Westfield and Germania, Marquette Co., WI
Birth information shows she was born in Westfield. She lived in Germania on a farm adjacent (east) to the current Germania Marsh Wildlife Preserve in Section 36 of Crystal Lake Township.
Census Record:
1910 Federal Census
Westfield, Marquette Co., WI
The 1910 Federal Census in Westfield, Marquette Co., WI, shows the following:
  • head of household: Fred W. Tagatz (age 41, married 14 years, born in Wisconsin, parents born in Germany, occupation - proprietor saloon & bar)
  • wife Emma Tagatz (age 36, had 6 children, 5 living, born in Wisconsin, parents born in Germany)
  • daughter Adeline Tagatz (age 11, born in Wis.) [she spelled her own name as Adaline]
  • daughter Laura Tagatz (age 9, born in Wis.)
  • son Hugo Tagatz (age 5, born in Wis.)
  • daughter Evaline Tagatz (age 4, born in Wis.)
  • son Arnold Tagatz (age 9 months old, born in Wis.).

The census form said "Spring Street" on a side margin next to this household entry.

Census Record:
1920 Federal Census
Montello, Marquette Co., WI
The 1920 Federal Census in Montello, Marquette Co., WI, shows the following:
  • head of household: Fred W. Tagatz (age 51, mother born in Wisconsin, father born in Germany, occupation - county sheriff)
  • wife Emma Tagatz [Emma is her middle name] (age 45, mother born in Wisconsin, father born in Germany);
  • daughter Laura B. Tagatz (age 18, single)
  • son Hugo A. Tagatz (age 15)
  • Evaline D. Tagatz (age 13)
  • Arnold F. Tagatz (age 10).

This page of the census was taken at the "Institution: Marquette County Jail," and the Tagatz family is the only listing there. Since he was the county sheriff, it's possible that the whole family lived there. The census also said that he was renting versus owned place of lodging.

Census Record:
1930 Federal Census
Shields, Marquette Co., WI
The 1930 Federal Census in Shields, Marquette Co., WI, shows the following:
  • Frederick J. Phillips (age 25, married at age 24, born in Wis., mother born in Germany, father born in Wis., farm laborer)
  • wife Evaline D. Phillips (age 24, age at marriage given but is hard to read - could be 22), born in Wis., parents born in Wis.)
  • son George E. Phillips (age under 1 year - hard to read but might be 8 months, born in Wis.)
Died: Oct. 30, 1990 A Green Lake County Register of Deeds Death Notice (dated November 1, 1990; State Death No. 28-195) says she died Oct. 30, 1990 at 9:40 a.m. in Berlin Memorial Hospital. Cause of death was nonketotic hyperosmolar syndrome, probable sepsis with diabetes mellitus type II being a contributing factor. It said she was born Mar. 5, 1906, and her parents were given as Fred Tagatz and Freida Schubert.

She had been staying in a nursing home in Princeton, Green Lake Co., WI, but her home was still in Germania, Marquette Co., WI, when she died. She is buried in the Westfield East Side Cemetery (Westfield, Marquette Co., WI).

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