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Family Photo
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Marquette County School (possibly in or near Germania -- deduced by the names of people in the photo).

Go to a photo that matches the numbers to the names below:

1. Edmund Schroeder
2. George Tagatz
3. Adolph Priebe
4. Louis Berndt
5. William Schwanke
6. Christian Grahn
7. Edwin Berndt
8. Arnold Timm
9. Norman Schroeder
10. Harley Hoeft
11. Alfred Weber
12. Dorothy Schroeder
13. Evelyn Priebe
14. Lillian Schwanke
15. Ruth Schroeder
16. Roland Warnke
17. Elmer Muehrer
18. Rhinold Jahnke
19. Fred Phillips
20. Helen Schwanke
21. Anna Timm
22. Carrie Phillips
     (see below)
23. Beatrice Grahn
24. Adeline Berndt
25. Miss Hazel Stomner, Teacher
26. Miss Faultina Plautz, Teacher
27. Viola Schroeder
28. Ida Priebe
29. Minnie Berndt
30. Leona Weber
31. Irene Weber
32. Valeria Priebe
33. Sidney Hoeft
34. Art Schroeder
35. Arvilla Grahn
36. Maurice Hartwell
     (see below)

22. Caroline "Carrie" Naoma Phillips (Kelm) - For information on her family, go to the web site of George Phillips. Her parents were George Ellis Phillips [the 1st] and Ottilie "Delia" Block. Harry N. Kelm was her husband.

36.Maurice Hartwell - Maurice's parents were Albert Elihu Hartwell and Cecila Schlinske. For more information, go to the web site of Angelina Ellis (Phillips Hartwell). Angelina was Maurice's grandmother.

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