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For photos of James, go to: P57; P58.

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June 23, 1833 [?]
Family notes say he was born June 23, 1833 in Binghamton, NY (Broome County). This date and location also appear in one obituary.

However, there are some contradictions. A second obituary gives the correct date of death but says he was age 63 (born c. 1834). See his Enlistment Document signed April 1864, which said he was age 35 (born c. 1828). See his Declaration for Invalid Pension military document signed Sept. 10, 1883, which said he was age 49 (born c. 1834). Two census records shows a birth year of 1833 or 1834. Another census record doesn't match any other (see census records details toward the bottom of this web page).

Parents: Unknown Unknown. The 1880 census says James' parents were both born in New York.

Family lore said that James' father may have been in St. Louis, MO. His pension papers say he spent years searching for his parents, starting in St. Louis and later in Colorado, Kansas and Texas. [SOURCE: Paula Vierra]

Marriage 1:
Married to Angelina Maria Ellis
The date and place of this marriage are unknown, but the fact of their marriage is supported by a variety of sources, including family notes and a letter written by Angelina's husband, James to her after their marriage. This letter (dated Oct. 25, 1866) apologized to her for his false accusations of her having an affair when he was serving in the Civil War. A rumor passed down over the years (through both his first family and second family branches) said that he left her and moved south to start a new life because she was having an affair. The letter seems to invalidate this rumor.

Family lore is that, when he moved south, his wife refused to go with him. He took his two sons with him but turned around when he was heading toward Illinois. A cholera epidemic was spreading, so be brought the boys back so they would be safe. He continued on alone. His father may have disowned him (possibly for marrying a second time, which is against his father's Catholic faith).

Marriage 2:
Married to Eliza Ann Helms on Oct. 14, 1868
Military records say James Madison Phillips married Eliza Helms on Oct. 14, 1868, at the home of Levi L. Dunlops in Franklin County, Missouri. Eliza was age 51 when she filed for a war widow's pension in December 1897. See the pension document Eliza filed to prove marital status to get her widow benefits.

One source said that James Madison Phillips married Eliza Ann Helms (b. Mar. 30, 1846). Her parents were Henry/Harry Helms and Mary Ann (Walker) Helms, both born in Indiana. Eliza died Aug. 20, 1909 in Springfield, Greene Co., MO, and is buried in Maple Park Cemetery, Springfield, MO (Lot 13, Block E). She had at least two siblings (Augusta whose married name was Collins and a brother named Charles). [SOURCE: Paula Vierra] This death date conflicts with Eliza's widow pension paperwork, which says she died Aug. 30, 1908 (see military document showing this date).

Evidence suggests Eliza also had a sister named Nancy. For information on Nancy, go to the entry labeled "Elected Position: Mayor of West Fork, Arkansas" toward the bottom of this page where details are given about James Madison Phillips' move to Arkansas.

His obituary confirms his marriage to Eliza Helms on Oct. 14, 1868.

The 1900 Federal Census in Springfield City, Campbell Township, Greene County, Missouri, shows:
  • Eliza Phillips (head of household, widow, born Mar. 1846, age 54, had eight children with six living in 1900, born in Indiana, parents born in Indiana)
  • daughter Hattie (age 20, single, born Apr. 1880 in Missouri, father born in New York, mother born in Indiana, dress making)
  • son Jessie (age 16, single, born May 1884 in Arkansas, father born in New York, mother born in Indiana)

Note that a Helms family apparently lived in Adams County, Wisconsin. An article in the Adams County Press in Friendship, Adams County, on Sept. 18, 1890 said that Mr. and Mrs. Helms of Coloma Station celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary on Aug. 14, 1890. A Mr. and Mrs. Phillips of Big Spring were there and gave them a silver cup. It's interesting to find a Helms and Phillips connection so close to Marquette County where James Madison Phillips once lived. I have not found any connection with this Helms' family to the Eliza Helms who married James (at least not yet).
Child 1 [mother Angelina Maria Ellis]:
George Ellis Phillips
b. Feb. 7, 1855;
d. Mar. 21, 1934
For details about George and his wife and children, go to George Ellis Phillips' web page.
Child 2 [mother Angelina Maria Ellis]:
Edward James Phillips
aka Edwin or Eddie
b. Oct. 1857
The 1860 census shows Edwin J. Phillips as living with his parents (see census entry below). He was age 2 at the time (born in Wisconsin).

In 1870, Edward Phillips (age 13, born in Wis.) was living with Samuel Hartwick [surname misspelled] and Angeline, which would be his step-father and mother (see census details on Angelina Ellis' web page).

In 1880, Eddie J. Phillips was living with his mother and step-father (see census details on Angelina Ellis' web page). He was a tinner, age 23.

In Samuel Hartwell's 1908 diary, it says: E.J. Phillips, 454 Van Buren Street, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
Family notes say Edward married Mary Judge of Milwaukee on June 26, 1881, which was confirmed by two notices in the Montello Express on July 2, 1881 [transcribed for the Marquette Co., WI, board by Phylis]. One article said that Mr. E. Phillips was married to Miss M E Judge by the Rev. Mr. Brown of Montello in the Methodist Church. The bride wore "a dove colored silk with lace trimmings." It reported that "the groom looked as though he appreciated her." They had dinner at the groom's home before the "happy pair" left for a "short wedding tour."

The second notice said they were married on Jun 26, 1881 by the Rev. Daniel Brown (of Montello). Mary E. Judge of Milwaukee was the bride. Neither notice gave the groom's full name (just E.J. Phillips of Germania). It said: Mary "has by her kindness, by her gentle manners, and her purity of character, gained the love and respect of all who, have made her acquaintance." It said that Mr. Phillips "is well known in this section of the country. Of his integrity and good character too much cannot be said, and his happy disposition renders his presence agreeable to all." A transcription of pre-1907 marriage records says that Eddie James Phillips and Mary Effie Judge were married June 26, 1881 [SOURCE:].

The 1900 Federal Census in Shields, Marquette Co., WI, shows:
  • Edward J. Phillips (age 42, born Oct. 1857 in Wis., father born in New York, mother born in Massachusetts, married 19 years, machinery salesman)
  • wife Mary E. (age 40, music teacher, born Feb. 1860 in Wis., father born in England, mother born in Scotland, had two children with both children living in 1900)
  • son Bennie H. (age 17, born July 1882, farm laborer)
  • son Harris G. (age 11, born in 1889).

A military registration card shows Benjamin Hall Phillips, age 36, was born July 6, 1882 in Germania, Wisconsin. His residence was 272 Allendale, Detroit, Michigan. His father's birthplace was Wisconsin. His employer was Kelsey Wheel Company, 1250 Military, Detroit, Mich. His nearest relative was Ursula Phillips (same address as his residence). His eyes were gray, and his hair was red. This was dated September 3, 1918 (Local Board No. 20, Detroit, Michigan). [SOURCE:]

Wisconsin Birth Index 1826-1908 confirms Benjamin Hall Phillips was born on July 6, 1882 in Germania, Marquette, Wisconsin (parents Edward J. Phillips and Mary E. Judge). [FHL Film # 1305092]

For photos of Bennie (Benjamin Hall Phillips), go to: P7; P67. For a photo of Harris Phillips, go to: P40

The 1910 Federal Census in Milwaukee Ward 7, Milwaukee, Wisconsin shows:
  • Edward J. Philips (head of household at 454 Van Buren St.; age 52; born in Wisconsin; father born in Wisconsin; mother born in Massachusetts; occupation - hard to read; I think it's related to gasoline supplies)
  • Mary E. Philips (spouse; age 50; born in Indiana; father born in Eng (English); mother born in Scot (English))
  • Benjamin H. Philips (son; age 27; born in Wisconsin; father born in Wisconsin; mother born in Indiana; draftsman - electrical industry)
  • Harris G. Philips (son; age 21; born in Wisconsin; father born in Wisconsin; mother born in Indiana; stagehand - works in a theater)
  • Clara K. Tiry (lodger; age 20; single; born in Wisconsin; parents born in Wisconsin; tailoress in a shop)
  • Marie M. Dinn (lodger; age 20; single; born in Wisconsin; father's birth place unknown; mother born in Wisconsin; tailoress in a shop)
  • William Morgan (lodger; age 28; single; born in Wisconsin; brakesman for railroad)
  • Laura L. Turkham (lodger; age 23; single; born in Wisconsin; parents born in Wisconsin; graduate nurse - private duty)
  • Joseph Stevenson (lodger; age 26; single. born in Wisconsin; parents born in Wisconsin; machinist in a shop)
  • Gordon B. Stevenson (lodger; age 28; single; born in Wisconsin; mother born in Wisconsin; electrician in a shop)

The 1920 Federal Census in Detroit Ward 16, Wayne Co., Michigan shows:
  • Benj Phillips (head of household; age 37; born in Wisconsin; parents born in Wisconsin; works in wheel factory)
  • Ursula Phillips (spouse; age 30; born in Germany; parents born in Germany)
  • Mary Bileeskee (roomer; age 31; single; immigrated in 1919; born in Canada - native language: Polish; both parents born in Canada - native language: Polish; occupation - saleslady at a dept. store)

The 1930 Federal Census in Detroit, Wayne Co., Michigan shows:
  • Benjamin H. Phillips (head of household, own home at 9275 Otsego Ave., home value - $6,500; age 47; age at first marriage - 32; born in Wisconsin; parents born in Wisconsin; occupation: salesman in the steel industry; employed)
  • Ursula Phillips (spouse, age 40; age at first marriage - 24; born in Germany; parents born in Germany; year immigrated - 1907)
  • Barbara M. Phillips (daughter, age 2 years and six months; born in Michigan)

A World War I Draft Registration Card shows Harris G. Phillips living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin -- born ____ 2, 1889 in Germania, Wis. His occupation was listed as stage hand for the May Theater Co. in Milwaukee. He had blue eyes and red hair. For a photo of Harris Phillips, go to: P40
Child 3 [mother Eliza Helms]:
James Phillips
b. 1869
James was born in 1869 in Missouri. [SOURCE: Paula Vierra]

James [Jr.] is on the 1870 census with his parents (age 10 months) (see census details below).

Child 4 [mother Eliza Helms]:
Annie R. Phillips
b. ABT 1872
Annie R. Phillips married Burt Beeson. [SOURCE: Paula Vierra]

Annie R. Phillips is on the 1880 census with her parents (age 8) (see census details below).

Child 5 [mother Eliza Helms]:
Henry J. Phillips
aka Harry
b. ABT 1873
Henry (Harry) J. Phillips was the son of Eliza Helms and James Madison Phillips. [SOURCE: Paula Vierra]

Henry J. Phillips was on the 1880 census with his parents (age 7) (see census details below).

Child 6 [mother Eliza Helms]:
Lydia A. (Ida) Phillips
b. ABT 1876
Lydia A. (Ida) Phillips was the daughter of Eliza Helms and James. [SOURCE: Paula Vierra]

Lydia A. Phillips was on the 1880 census with her parents (age 4) (see census details below).

Child 7 [mother Eliza Helms]:
Marguerite Elizabeth (Daisy) Phillips
aka Daza
b. July 1, 1877;
d. Oct. 9, 1965
Marguerite E. (Daisy) Phillips was the daughter of Eliza Helms and James. [SOURCE: Paula Vierra]

Daza was listed on the 1880 census as living with her parents (age 2) (see census details below).

Marguerite Elizabeth Phillips is the daughter of James Madison Phillips and Eliza Helms. She was born July 1, 1877, in Rolla, Phelps Co., Missouri. Marguerite died Oct. 9, 1965 in Burlington, Skagit Co., Washington. She married Sylvester Monroe Hendrixson on Apr. 15, 1899 in Springfield, Greene Co., MO. Sylvester was born Mar. 22, 1877, in Drakesville, Davis Co., Iowa. They had at least four children. Sylvester's parents were George Hendrixson (b. Sept. 6, 1844 in Fulton Co., IN, and d. July 18, 1878 in Ft. Scott, Bourbon Co., KY; his parents were Richard Henrickson and Margaret McKibben) and Mary Ann Morgan (b. Feb. 8, 1845 in Delaware Co., IN, and d. June 19, 1917 in Oakland, Alameda Co., CA; her parents were Charles D. Morgan and Catharine Rash). [SOURCE: Marilynn Munoz on; I have not confirmed these details.]

Child 8 [mother Eliza Helms]:
Harriet (Hattie) Phillips
b. Apr. 1880
Harriet (Hattie) Phillips was the daughter of Eliza Helms and James. [SOURCE: Paula Vierra]

Hariet A. Phillips [as spelled] was on the 1880 census as living with her parents (age 1) (see census details below). Hattie was on the 1900 census with her mother Eliza (see census information in Marriage 2 entry above). This census says that Hattie's occupation was dress making and gives her birth month as April 1880.

Child 9 [mother Eliza Helms]:
Jerome Phillips
Jerome Phillips was the son of Eliza Helms and James. [SOURCE: Paula Vierra]
Child 10 [mother Eliza Helms]:
Jesse F. Phillips
b. May 14, 1884
Jesse Phillips was the son of Eliza Helms and James. [SOURCE: Paula Vierra who wrote that Marguerite was her grandmother.] See the Birth Certification Document filed with his mother's pension paperwork.

When James' widow applied for pension benefits, she said that Jesse Franklin Phillips was born May 14, 1884, certified by a notary public in Greene County, Missouri. He was the only minor child mentioned in his mother's application for widow military benefits in December 1897.

Jessie F. was on the 1900 census with his mother Eliza (see Marriage 2 entry above for census details).

The 1910 Federal Census in North Campbell (District 56), Greene Co., Missouri shows:
  • Jesse Phillips (head of household; age 25; married 1 year; born in Arkansas; laborer in a poultry company)
  • Cora Phillips (spouse, age 19, married 1 year; born in Missouri)

The 1920 Federal Census in Denver, Colorado shows:
  • Jesse F. Phillips (head of household at 1615 E. 29th Ave., , age 35, born in Arkansas, father born in New York, mother born in Indiana)
  • Cara Phillips (spouse, age 29. born in Missouri, parents born in Missouri)
  • Gilbert Phillips (son, age 9 years 7 months, born in Missouri)
  • Hazel Phillips (daughter, age 4 years 11 months, born in Missouri)

Jesse F. Phillips' tombstone said he was born May 14, 1884 and died Apr. 6, 1968. He is buried in Crown Hill Cemetery, Wheat Ridge, Jefferson County, Colorado (Block 46 Lot 59 Grave B-3). His wife was Cora A. Phillips. Cora was born July 19, 1890 and died July 18, 1972. She is buried in the same cemetery (Block 46 Lot 59 Grave B-4). Gilbert Arnold Phillips was born June 12, 1910 and died April 24, 1969. [SOURCE:]
Military Service:
Civil War Veteran
James enlisted on Mar. 30, 1864, and served as a private with Company A 16th Wisconsin Regiment, Infantry Volunteers. He was in the Battle of Atlanta in 1864 (under General Sherman's command), fighting for the north. He was honorably discharged on July 12, 1865.

Military papers say he as 5'6" tall, had a dark complexion, black hair and dark eyes. Another military paper contradicts this, saying he had blue eyes.

He received $17 a month when he was getting a pension from the government for war services. When he was in the military, he contracted chronic diarrhea and was sick in spring 1864. On the war roll of the Company, he was listed as present April 1864 to Aug. 31, 1864 (although he was absent May 1864, left at Huntsville, Alabama -- he was not reported absent on July 1864 when General Sherman marched on Atlanta, GA; James' company was with Sherman on this mission). When James was in Atlanta, he was treated "by regimental surgeon" for neuralgia of head, neck and breast, caused by exposure. In Sept. and Oct. 1864, he was sick/absent until Apr. 30, 1865. He was present in May and June 1865. See the following military documents: Declaration for Original Invalid Pension - Pg. 1; Declaration for Original Invalid Pension - Pg. 2; Medical/Military History; Declaration for Widow's Pension (Eliza Helms Phillips) - Pg. 1; Declaration for Widow's Pension (Eliza Helms Phillips) - Pg. 2; Marriage Certified with Eliza Helms; Son's Birth Certified (Jesse Franklin Phillips); James' disabilities detailed and widow Eliza's death; Military Discharge; Military Enlistment.

The Regimental History of the 16th Wisconsin Infantry lost 123 men to kill or wounds in the battles before Atlanta in July 1864. His regiment occupied Atlanta until Aug. 26 and then was involved in battles at Jonesboro and Lovejoy's Station. The regiment returned to Atlanta on Sept. 8, 1864. This group took part in the siege of Savannah and in the Carolina campaign (engaged at Beaufort, Whippy Swamp and Orangeburg). It waded through swamps, driving the enemy from position. The 16th Infantry took part in the battle of Bentonville. James was listed as present and not absent from illness during the following:
  • July 21, 22, 24, 31, 1864 in Atlanta, Georgia
  • Aug. 5, 1864 in Atlanta, GA
  • Aug 10, 1864 at MS River
  • Aug. 17, 19, 21, 26, 28, 1864 in Atlanta, GA
  • Sept. 3, 1864 at Lovejoy Station, GA [although it is not known if James was there since he was marked absent/sick sometime in September 1864].
SOURCE: The Union Army, Vol. 4 and 5

His Declaration for Original Invalid Pension, dated September 10, 1883, gives details/dates on his illnesses during his military service.

Misc. Notes:
Fiddle player & Postmaster
He liked to play the fiddle [SOURCE: Paula Vierra].

James was a Postmaster in Germania in 1866. [SOURCE: Fran Sprain's book Vol. I Places and Faces in Marquette County, Wis.]

Raised a Catholic but left the faith
His obituary says he was raised a Catholic but "long since left that faith." It added that, "while he had never reunited with the church, he told his family he made made peace with God."
Census Record:
1860 Federal Census
Shields, Marquette Co., WI
The 1860 Federal Census in Shields, Marquette Co., WI, shows:
  • James M. Philips [surname as spelled] (age 27, carpenter, real estate property value $150, personal property value $150, born in New York)
  • Angelina (age 23, born in Mass.)
  • George E. (age 5, born in Wis.)
  • Edwin J. (age 2, born in Wis.).
Census Record:
1870 Federal Census
Campbell, Green Co., MO
The 1870 Federal Census in Campbell, Green Co., Missouri, shows:
  • James Phillips (age 44, born in Wis., carpenter, personal property alue $100) [the age may be incorrect]
  • wife Eliza (age 22, born in MO)
  • son James (age 10 months, born in MO).
Census Record:
1880 Federal Census
Dillon, Phelps County, Missouri
The 1880 Federal Census in Dillon, Phelps Co., Missouri, shows:
  • James Phillips (age 46, born in NY, both parents born in NY, farmer)
  • wife Eliza Phillips (age 32, born in MO, parents born in Indiana)
  • daughter Annie R. Phillips (age 8, born in MO)
  • son Henry J. Phillips (age 7, born in MO)
  • daughter Lydia A. Phillips (age 4, born in MO)
  • daughter Daza Phillips (age 2, born in MO)
  • daughter Hariet A. Phillips (age 1, born in MO) [first name as spelled].
Elected Position:
Mayor of West Fork, Arkansas
1885 and 1888
J.M. Phillips was the first mayor of West Fork, Washington Co., Arkansas. West Fork was incorporated in May 1885. He was elected mayor again in 1888. [SOURCE: History of Benton County [Arkansas]] This article said he was a contractor and builder.

His obituary confirms that he was elected mayor of West Fork, Arkansas, in 1888.

Paula G. Vierra wrote an article about James in Flashback magazine (August 1999). It said he moved with his family to Arkansas in 1882, along with his brother-in-law Jacob Wallace and Jacob's family. James' wife had relatives in West Fork and Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Family lore is that they moved back to Missouri (Springfield) because malaria was spreading in West Fork.

The Encyclopedia of Arkansas online confirms that J.M. Phillips was mayor when West Fork was incorporated in May 1885.

The 1870 Federal Census in Springfield, Campbell Township, Greene County, Missouri, shows Jacob Wallace (who is likely James' brother-in-law):
  • Jacob Wallace (age 29, house carpenter, personal estate value $100, born in Virginia, married in Feb. within the past year)
  • Nancy Wallace (age 17, keeping house, born in MO)
  • Edward Gross or Cross [?] (age 26, house carpenter, personal estate value $100, born in MO)
  • Martha Gross or Cross [?] (age 19, keeping house, born in MO)
  • Jeremiah Gross or Cross [?] (age 17, born in MO)

Nancy E. Helms married Jacob A. Wallis [as spelled] on Feb. 6, 1870 in Laclede, Missouri. This month of birth matches the month given in the above census record. [SOURCE: LDS database online at]

Possible Lead:
Autograph Album Signatures
The following individuals signed Dollie Block's autograph book [Dollie was Fred Block's daughter and a daughter-in-law to James Phillips; Dollie's sister Delia married James' son George Phillips]:
  • Jessie Phillips - St. Louis, MO. [likely signed in the mid-to-late 1880's, which means this Jessie may have been too young to be James Madison Phillips' child. Could this Jessie be a namesake to James' son Jessie who was born in 1884?]
  • Nellie B. Phillips - St. Louis, MO - signed Aug. 30, 1888
These signatures may be significant since it shows these two individuals had connections to Dollie Block's family and to both St. Louis, MO, and Germania, WI -- as did James Phillips.
Possible Lead?:
1850 Census Medina, Medina Co., Ohio
1850 Federal Census in Medina, Medina County, Ohio, shows a James Philips living two houses away from a Peirce (James' mother-in-law was married to a Peirce in 1850); this James was the right age to be my ancestor:
  • Reuben Philips (age 5__, farmer, born in New York)
  • Polly (age 55, born in Penn.)
  • James (age 16, farmer, born in New York)
Other Philips households listed in Medina in 1850 within a few households from James' place were [this family lived in Hope, Barry Co., Michigan in 1860 according to the 1860 Federal Census]:
  • ____ Philips [first name hard to read, might be Israel or possibly Samuel] (age 47, farmer, born in Conn., mulatto)
  • Sarah (age 40, born in Ohio, mulatto)
  • Hannah (age 21, born in Ohio, mulatto)
  • [first name hard to read -- looks something like Huldah] (age 19, born in Ohio, mulatto)
  • Amelia (age 17, born in Ohio, mulatto)
  • ____ [hard to read -- looks like Serz] (male, age 14, born in Ohio, mulatto)
  • Milo (male, age 12, born in Ohio, mulatto)
  • Anson (age 10, born in Ohio, mulatto)
  • Silas (age 7, born in Ohio, mulatto)
  • Samuel (age 4, born in Ohio, mulatto)
  • Sarah (age 4, born in Ohio, mulatto)
  • Cornelia (age 2, born in Ohio, mulatto)

Next door was Elizabeth Philips (age 87, born in Conn. - race not given; assumed to be white). Next to Elizabeth lived:

  • Sophia Philips (age 43, born in Ohio, mulatto)
  • Rhodo A. (age 12, born in Ohio, mulatto)
  • Charlotte (age 5, born in Ohio, mulatto)

See Edward Peirce's (age 27 in 1850) census information and 1860 (when he lived in Benton, Michigan [Misc. Peirce Records page.] In-between the Peirce and Philips household was the household of Joseph Wells [middle initial hard to read - could be an H or a W] (age 26, shoemaker, born in Ohio), Harriette (age 26, born in Conn.), Amelia E. (age 5, born in Ohio), Celia M. (age 3, born in Ohio), Ellen L. (age 1, born in Ohio).

Also near these families was Daniel Hall's family (born in England). [See Hall Records page]

A Reuben Phillips is buried in the Lakeview Cemetery on County Hwy. I in Jackson Township, Adams Co., WI. He was born 1788 in New York; died Nov. 6, 1874; and "Private - War of 1812." [SOURCE: Cemetery notes on contributed by Joan Byers -]

Others buried in the same cemetery include:

  • Bennie C. Phillips (son of Thomas and Emma Phillips, b. June 7, 1897 and died Nov. 7, 1980 in Friendship, WI);
  • Clara E. Phillips (daughter of R.C. and M. Phillips, died Mar. 21, 1862);
  • Darrel Phillips (born Dec. 1, 1900; died May 14, 1910);
  • Emma H. Phillips (daughter of John & Emily Everson; married Thomas Phillips on Aug. 15, 1892;born July 31, 1861 in Adams Co., WI; died Oct. 4, 1956 in Adams Co., WI);
  • Harold B. Phillips (son of Thomas and Emma Phillips, born Dec. 25, 1899; died Nov. 12, 1979 in Oxford, WI);
  • infant son of T. & E. Phillips (born May 30, 1891; died Sept. 20, 1891);
  • Mable Phillips (maiden name Lapp - wife of Bennie Phillips; born Dec. 17, 1912; died Mar. 29, 1986 in Portage, WI);
  • Maria Phillips (born July 8, 1821; died Nov. 23, 1899);
  • Rufus C. Phillips (born Mar. 14, 1819; died. Dec. 10, 1862; Co. H. 11th Regt. WI);
  • Thomas Phillips (born Oct. 4, 1858; died Sept. 4, 1918).
Possible Lead?:
1850 Census Record
St. Louis Ward 4, St. Louis Co., MO
This may be a coincidence but the combination of the name Edward J. Phillips (which was the name James gave a son) and Mary Block (which is the surname of James' daughter-in-law, Ottilie Block) may be worth exploring. On the other hand, Edward was born in Virginia and two children were born in Illinois, and no evidence of a Virginia or Illinois connection has been found. The 1880 census says James' parents were born in New York. Could Edward be an uncle?
  • head of household: Edward J. Phillips (age 40, clerk, born in Virginia)
  • Margaret Phillips (age 35, born in Ireland)
  • Phillips [first name hard to read, looks like Heata] (age 11, born in Illinois)
  • Edward J. (or I.) Phillips (age 7, born in St. Louis)
  • Jane Phillips (age 3, born in St. Louis)
  • Thomas [hard to read middle initial, could be H. or M.] (age 1, born in St. Louis)
  • Mary Block (servant, age 16, born in Germany)
  • Ellen Price (age 35, born in Ireland).
Nov. 16, 1897
He died Nov. 16, 1897 and is buried in the Springfield National Cemetery in Springfield, Greene County, Missouri [Section 25, Plot 1651]. He died of acute bronchitis and endocarditis in Springfield, MO.

His obituary said he died at 2 p.m. at his home on West Walnut Street.

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