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August T. & Fred. Wm. Block headstone
Headstone in Germania, Marquette Co, WI
Frederick William Block
aka Friedrich Wilhelm Block

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Name Information
Dec. 19, 1828
A baptismal record shows that Friedrich Wilhelm was born Dec. 19, 1828. His parents were given as Christoph Block and Catharina Lohrcke. Sponsors were Christian Gollnick, Franz Lohrcke, Eva Baarz (or Baartz) (maiden name Braun) and Rosa Lemcke (with line over the m). This is a Battrow, Prussia, record. [SOURCE: LDS microfilm #0905036]
Christoph Block and Catharina Lohrcke
Friedrich Wilhelm Block's parents' names were given in a baptismal record (see above).

They also had a daughter, named Wilhelmina Heinrietta Block who was baptized (or born) on March 5, 1826. Her Battrow, Prussia sponsors were Christoph Bubbolz, Paul Lemcke, Anna Christina [last name illegible] and Anna Louisa Breda (maiden name Penck). [LDS Microfilm #0905036]

Jan. 22, 1854
Friedrich Wilhelm Block married Rosina Vandrey on Jan. 22, 1854. He was 25 years old, and his new bride was 19. This is from a Lobsens, Posen, Prussia record. [SOURCE: LDS Film Batch #8327623; Call No. 1395632 (Patron Sheets 1969-1991) - Evan. Church Record]
Child 1:
Wilhelm Block
aka William
b. May 5, 1855
A Lobsens christening record shows Wilhelm Block was born May 5, 1855 and was christened May 20, 1855. [SOURCE: Lobsens, Prussia, LDS Film #1124904] To see a photo of Wilhelm, go to Photo # BL4.

Family notes say he married Agnes, had several children including Edward, William and Julius and died of fever. He or at least one of his children lived in Chicago, Illinois. William appears on the 1880 census with his parents in Germania (see census entry toward bottom of this page) and as Wilhelm on an immigration record in 1870 when he was 15 (see immigration information toward bottom of this page).

The Montello Express in 1883 says that Wm. F. Block married Agnes J. Torse (both of Germania) in Germania on Dec. 4, 1883, by Rev. C.F. Reichart of Westfield. [SOURCE: post on Marquette Co., WI pages]

Child 2:
Johann August Block
aka August T.
b. Aug. 30, 1857
d. 1876
A Lobsens baptismal record says that Johann August Block was born Aug. 16, 1857 and baptized Aug. 30, 1857. His parents were given as Friedrich Block and Rosine Fandrey. [SOURCE: Lobsens, Prussia, record on LDS Microfilm #1124904]

He died of appendicitis in Germania, WI (according to unsubstantiated family notes). He is buried next to his father in a Germania cemetery. His tombstone said he died in 1876 (see picture above).

Child 3:
Wilhelmine "Minnie" Block
b. July 31, 1859
A Lobsens baptismal record shows that Wilhelmine Block was born July 31, 1859 and christened on Aug. 10, 1859. Her parents were given as Friedrich Wilhelm Block and Rosine Vandrey. [SOURCE: Lobsens, Prussia, record on LDS Film #1124904]

Relatives told me the following, which I have not independently verified: Minnie married Jan Derk Reijnders (who was also known as Dr. George Reynders) in 1875/6 in Holland, WI, a few months after his first wife (Anna Victoria Petersen) died. After Minnie's first husband died, she married Tolbert Phelps. Tolbert had a brick foundry (Reynders Bros. & Phelps) in Mexico in the early 1900's, along with other family members. Minnie and her first husband apparently lived in Clinton County, Iowa; Chicago, IL and Holland, WI.

The 1910 Federal Census in the Chicago (Ward 31), Cook County, Illinois, shows:

  • Phelps, Talbert H., head of household, married 13 years (2nd marriage), age 46, born in Iowa, father born in Ohio, mother born in Pennsylvania, occupation - engineer (street work, self employed), 16 weeks out of work in 1909, renting house
  • Minnie T. Phelps, wife, age 50, married 13 years (2nd marriage), mother of 4 children with 3 living at the time of census, birthplace of Minnie and both parents was listed as "Ger-German," immigrated in 1870 [this matches the immigration record noted below, housewife
  • Reynders, Minnie M., daughter, single, age 26, born in Iowa, father birthplace - "Hol-Dutch," mother birthplace - "Ger-German," not employed
  • Reynders, Alfred H., son, single, age 30, born in Wisconsin, father birthplace - "Hol-Dutch," mother birthplace - "Ger-German," occupation - foreman in mine

G.R. Reinholz was named a justice in the Township of Shields in Marquette County. [SOURCE: Montello Express news item in 1877 - posted at]
The 1880 Federal Census in the Village of New Lisbon, Juneau County, WI, shows:
  • G.R. Reinholz (age 41, physician, born in Holland, father born in Holland, mother born in France)
  • wife Minnie (age 20, born in Germany)
  • son Henry [first name and middle initial hard to read] (age 9, born in Wis.)
  • son George [name hard to read - middle initial impossible for me to read] (age 7, born in Wis.)
  • son [name hard to read] (age 3, born in Wis.)
  • son - "not named" (age 2 months, born in Feb. in Wis.)
  • Mary Fletcher (age hard to read - first digit definitely a 2; second digit may be a 3, boarder, born in Wis., parents born in New York) [this record also says Mary is his "wife" but it must be an error]

Minnie's father's (Frederick Block's) 1883 obituary said that his eldest daughter was in Minnesota. He died April 18, 1883.

Family notes say that Minnie and Jan Derk (George) had the following children: Edward Reynders (born 1876), Alfred Reynders (born 1880) and Minnie Marie Reynders (b. 1884). Henry and George listed in the 1880 census were children from G.R. Reinholz's first marriage (to Anne Victoria Petersen). A birth announcement in the Marquette News on Mar. 20, 1880 said that Dr. Reinholz had a son on Tuesday, Mar. 16, 1880. [SOURCE of newspaper announcement text: post on] This would have been Alfred. Alfred lived in Chicago and had a daughter.

The 1920 Federal Census in Chicago, Cook County, IL (enumeration district 1897; ward 31) shows:

  • Alfred Reynders (age 39, born in Wis., parents born in Germany [this doesn't match information we have on our relative Alfred's father who was born in Holland], engineer)
  • wife Eta (age 33, born in Iowa, father born in Iowa, mother born in Illinois)
  • mother-in-law Emma Heald (age 60, born in Illinois, parents born in Germany)
  • daughter Patricia (age 7, born in Iowa)
In 1920 Alfred and his family were living next door to George Schubert (age 45 born in Illinois, parents born in Germany, printer in the publishing business) and George's wife. I don't know of any connection between George Schubert and my Schubert ancestors.

The 1930 Federal Census in Chicago, Cook County, IL (ward 15, enumeration district 16-558) shows:

  • H. Alfred Reynders (age 50, home value $10,000, born in Wis., father born in Holland, mother born in Germany, paving engineering - street paving)
  • wife Etta (age 44, born in Iowa, father born in Iowa, mother born in Illinois)
  • daughter Patricia (age 17, single, born in Iowa)
The Social Security death index on says Alfred Reynders was born Mar. 17, 1880 and died Jan. 1968 (last residence was Chicago, Cook Co., IL).
Child 4:
Ottilie "Delia" Emilie Block
Oct. 22, 1861
For more information, see Ottilie "Delia" Block's web page. Her birth record appears in a Lobsens, Prussia, record.
Child 5:
Eduard Block
aka Edward
b. ABT 1863;
d. ABT 1871
Eduard's age was given as six on immigration papers in 1870 (see immigration entry below).

Unsubstantiated family notes say he died at age 8 in a drowning.

Child 6:
Charles Block
aka Theodor
b. ABT 1865;
d. 1934
Theodor's age was given as four on immigration papers in 1870.

Unsubstantiated family notes say he died in Davenport, IA, in 1934.

An undated newspaper clipping [newspaper name and place not noted with clipping] said that Charles T. Block supposedly agreed on Friday to run for mayor on the Republican ticket, but on Saturday denied he had ever consented to run and that he would not run. "It was then that the sponsers [SIC] for the Republican ticket, including Carl Lambach, Paul Meyer, Herman Edens, W.E. Petersen, Adolph Angat and others got busy. They prevailed upon Mr. Block to re-consider his declination. So Saturday night Mr. Block announced that the pressure was so great that he could resist no longer and would enter the race. Mr. Block is president of the Great Western Remedy company. He resides at 34 Oak Lane." [There was a Great Western Remedy Company in Davenport, Iowa.]
The 1920 Federal Census in Davenport, Scott County, Iowa, shows Charles Block. His age doesn't match exactly so this may not be the correct Charles (although it is consistent with the 1930 census which shows his middle initial). Here are the details:
  • Charles Block (age 52, born in Germany, president of a stock food manufacturing company)
  • wife Katherine (age 50, born in Iowa, parents born in Ireland)
  • son Charles E. (age 30, single, born in Iowa, physician)
  • daughter Mary Rose (age 27, single, born in Iowa, stenographer)
  • daughter Katherine (age 18, single, born in Iowa, librarian)
The 1930 Federal Census in Davenport, Scott County, Iowa, shows:
  • Chas. T. Block (age 62, married at age 22, born in Germany, home value $10,000, immigrated in 1873 [this does not match the 1870 immigration date shown below], naturalized citizen, bond salesman)
  • wife Kathrine [as spelled] (age 58, married at age 19, born in Iowa, parents born in New York [this does not match Katherine's parents' birthplace in 1920 census]
  • son Charles E. (age 37, single born in Iowa, medical doctor)
  • daughter Maryrose (age 34, single, born in Iowa, stenographer in the insurance business)

A marriage entry on says Charles T. Block married Kate F. Gleason on Nov. 20, 1888 in Muscatine, IA. An autograph album kept by Charles' sister Dollie has a signature on June 17, 1888 by K.F. Gleason. Also a note left by my grandmother said that Charles' wife was named Katherine; she didn't say what her maiden name was.
A cemetery record posted on shows Chas. T. Block, born 1865, died Sept. 24 [entry says 1924 in one spot and later says 1934 -- 1934 matches family notes], buried in Oakdale Cemetery in lot 173, town Dav. [I assume this means Davenport]. It adds the word "Germany" but doesn't explain this. Since the Charles Block in my family was born in Germany, this cemetery entry may be about him.
Child 7:
Dorothy A. Block
aka Dollie (Dolly) Auguste or Augusta
b. ABT 1867
Auguste's age was given as two on immigration papers in 1870 (see immigration entry below). Augusta appears on the 1880 census with her parents in Germania (see census entry below toward the bottom of this page). To see a photo of Dolly, go to Photo # BL3.

Family notes she she married Dr. Edward Reynders, brother of Dr. George Reynders who married Dolly's sister Minnie. A Physician's Certificate Diploma - School of Practice (Regular) was issued by the Iowa State Board of Health to Edward J. Reynders on May 13, 1891 and recorded on Feb. 11, 1892 (Book of Certificates No. 1, pg. 59). A marriage certificate held by a descendant shows that Edward Reynders of Albany, NY, married Augusta L. Block of Wisconsin. It says that they were married in Albany, N.Y., on Dec. 8, 1885 (witnesses - John C. Reynders and Minie D. Demgen; cleryman - D.R. Lowell).

Go to Dolly Block's autograph album.

A family member said that Dolly and her husband Edward Reynders lived in Albany, NY, for awhile. The 1920 Federal Census in Albany, Albany County, New York, shows:
  • Edward Reynders (age 53, immigration year given but hard to read, naturalized in 1890, born in Holland, collector - newspaper business)
  • wife Dorothy A. (age 50, immigration year hard to read, naturalized in 1890, born in Alsace Lorraine - French, father born in Germany, mother born in France)
  • grandson Kenneth Erfft (age 11, born in Illinois, father born in Illinois, mother born in Iowa)
Dorothy's and her mother's place of birth and Dorothy's age are inconsistent with other sources. The Alsace Lorraine area of France was annexed to Prussia about the time Dorothy and her family immigrated to America.

Edward was a doctor involved with the beginning of x-ray's; he gave up his practice when his health was affected. [SOURCE: Kenneth Erfft told a relative] This source also said that Edward died of a cerebral hemorrhage on May 28, 1922. He is buried in the Reynders plot at St. Matthews Cemetery in Albany, NY, along with other relatives.

Dolly and Edward raised Kenneth Reynders Erfft after his mother (Adriana Ethel) died. Kenneth was born Nov. 1908 in Chicago, IL, and shows up on the 1920 census with them (see above). Kenneth told me that he was one of the five senior officers who was a commander of the Navy during mobilization in WWII. He said he was a good friend to Milton Eisenhower and socialized with Milton, his brother President Eisenhower and their wives, including Mamie Eisenhower. Kenneth was living in Florida when I talked to him in the year 2002 (age 93), but he also spent a lot of time in Virginia, including being a boarder at Mrs. Smith's Planters Peanut fortune mansion for seven years (they had five servants while he was there).

Kenneth also said that Delia Block looked a lot like his grandmother Dolly, and the Block siblings and their parents were a close, happy family. He also said that they were related to or were close to the first Kaiser in Germany and had good social standing in that country (the first Kaiser was Wilhelm I Hohenzollern; he was King of Prussia [the newly united German empire in 1871] ). [SOURCE: Phone conversation with Kenneth in 2002]

Kenneth died at the age of 94. His obituary confirms what he told me about his background as an authority on business and financial management of colleges and universities. His obituary said he was nationally known for this. In 1975 he was made a Knight of the S.C.O. of St. George, the oldest royal order in Europe. [SOURCE: The Mining Journal Online, Sept. 10, 2003] This was the Sacred Military Constantinian of Saint George; Kenneth R. Erfft is listed as a Knight of Jure Sanguinis (KCN). [SOURCE: The Constantianian Order web site] "Jure sanguinis" means "by right of blood" (i.e., by birth line).

Kenneth R. Erfft was appointed comptroller and treasurer of Rutgers University (formerly the comptroller of Pennsylvania State University). [SOURCE: Gettysburg Times in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania - March 15, 1957]

An updated newspaper clipping says that Mrs. Dorothy A. (Dolly) Reynders of Whitman, Mass., died at the age of 81. She was the mother of the late Walter F. Reynders, an employee in the Blade composing room for 24 years. She was born in Germany but lived in Davenport, Iowa, and Chicago, Illinois. She was surved by two sisters - Mrs. Carrie Milligan (of Whitman) and Mrs. Amelia Garrison (of Los Angeles) plus three grandsons - Thomas and James Reynders (of Toledo) and Kenneth Erfft (or Rome, Georgia).

The 1930 Federal Census in Washington, Lucas County, Ohio, shows the family of Dorothy's son Walter:

  • Walter F. Reynders (age 40, married at age 22, born in Iowa, father born in Holland, mother born in Iowa, lynotype [as spelled] operator at the Daily Newspaper, home value $6500)
  • wife [name hard to read - may be Ferne] (age 40, married at age 22, born in Ohio, parents born in Ohio)
  • son Thomas P. (age 10, born in Ohio)
  • son James (age 6, born in Ohio)
Child 8:
Caroline Block
aka Carrie;
b. ABT 1870
Caroline's was listed as an infant on immigration papers in 1870. Caroline is on the 1880 census with her parents in Germania (see census entry below toward the end of this page). To see a photo of Carrie, go to Photo # BL1.
Family notes say that Carrie married Fred Milligan. I have a May 3, 1929 letter written to my grandparents from Carrie and Fred. "Aunt Carrie" signed the letter in South Hanson, Mass.

The 1920 Federal Census in Lynn, Essex County, MA, shows:

  • Fred E. Milligan (age 59, born in New York, father born in Vermont, mother born in New York, shoe salesman)
  • wife Carrie B. (age 49, born in Germany)
The 1930 Federal Census in Hanson, Plymouth County, MA, shows:
  • Frederick E. Milligan (age 69, married at age 52, born in New York, father born in Vermont, mother born in New York, retired)
  • wife Carrie B. (age 59, married at age 42, born in New York [this does not match other sources], parents born in Germany)
Child 9:
Alfred Block
Alfred died as an infant, according to notes left by Evaline Tagatz PHILLIPS.
Child 10:
Frank Block;
b. ABT 1872
Frank was born ABT 1872 in New York (see 1880 census below). Family notes say he died at 12 years old of diptheria in Davenport, Iowa.
Child 11:
Emma Block
Her sister Amelia wrote that Emma was born Mar. 5, 1875 in Wis. and died at age 18 or 19 in Davenport, Iowa of appendicitis. [SOURCE: Notes left by Evaline Tagatz PHILLIPS] Emma appears on the 1880 census with her parents in Germania (see census entry below toward the bottom of this page).

However, Emm Block [as spelled, without an 'a'] appears on the 1900 (age 15, born Aug. 1884, a "servant" in the household of William Werth and his family. They may or may not be Fredrich's daughter Emma.

Child 12:
Amelia Rose Block
b. Mar. 17, 1877;
d. Dec. 19, 1951
Amelia was born Mar. 17, 1877 in Germania and married Tom Garrison (Los Angeles, CA). [SOURCE: Notes left by Evaline Tagatz PHILLIPS] This birth date was confirmed in her death record recorded in Marquette Co., WI [Delayed Vol. 1D, #317]. It said her parents were Frederick William Block and Rose Fandrey. Amelia appears on the 1880 census with her parents in Germania (see census entry toward the bottom of this page).
The 1930 Federal Census in Los Angeles (District 573), Los Angeles County, CA, shows:
  • Thomas Garrison (age 45, married at age 38, born in California, father born in Illinois, mother born in Kentucky, home value $4200, plumbing inspector)
  • wife Amelia R. (age 53, married at age 46, born in Wis., parents born in Germany)

Amelia wrote a note that was found in Evaline Tagatz PHILLIPS' archives. It said:
"Sister Emma Block, born Mar. 5th 1875, I think in Germania. As long as I can remember, we always spelled our name Block. I don't know Emma's second name. I am quite sure my second name was Rose. Amelia Rose Block, born Mar. 17th 1877 in Germania. Sister Carrie would know all the details. I hope this will help you. I thank you. Love, Aunt Amelia."
Misc. Note:
Story about Easter bonnets
Kenneth Reynders Erfft (who lived with his grandmother Dollie Block for awhile) told me that the Block girls were wearing new Easter bonnets to church one year, and Fredrich's brother made a big deal about the bonnets being too showy and ostentatious for good Christians. Fredrich decided his girls could wear their bonnets. Kenneth said Fredrich was a liberal-minded Christian.
July 28, 1870
A note left by Evaline Tagatz PHILLIPS said: "Delia came to America in a sailing ship with her parents and siblings, and after 12 weeks on the ocean, they landed at Castle Garden, New York, July 28, 1870."

The following passenger list entry was found in Germans to America, Vol. 24:

  • Friedrich Ploch [surname misspelled on passenger list], age 41
  • Rosine, age 35
  • Wilhelm, age 15
  • August, age 12
  • Wilhelmine, age 10
  • Ottilie, age 8
  • Eduard, age 6
  • Theodor, age 4
  • Auguste, age 2
  • Caroline, age .03 infant.
They came on the Marco Polo on July 28, 1870, arriving in New York having departed from Bremen.
Census Record:
1880 Federal Census
Village of Germania, Marquette Co., WI
The 1880 Federal Census in Germania, Marquette Co., WI, shows:
  • head of household: Fred Block (age given but hard to read but looks like 51, works in a wagon shop, born in Prussia)
  • wife Rosa (age 46, born in Prussia)
  • son William (age 25, works on farm, born in Prussia)
  • daughter Augusta (age 12, born in Prussia)
  • daughter Caroline (age 10, born in Prussia)
  • son Frank (age 8, born in N.Y.)
  • daughter Emma (age 5, born in Wis.)
  • daughter Amelia (age 3, born in Wis.)
April 18, 1883
His tombstone (pictured above) in Germania, Marquette Co., WI, says Fred. Wm. Block lived from 1828-1883.

The Montello Express said on April 21, 1883 that Frederick Block died in Germania on April 18, 1883 after a "long and painful illness." He was 54 years old and came to Germania about 10 years earlier. He was survived by his wife and several children, with all being "here" with the exception of his eldest daughter who was in Minnesota.

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