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image from Germania, WI Rosine Vandrey [Block]
aka Rosa or Rosine Fandrey or Wandrey

The old German V and F are pronounced about the same when translated into English.

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Name Information
b. ABT 1834
The passenger list when she arrived in America said Rosa was 35 years old when they arrived in 1870. On their marriage record, it said Rosina was age 19 in 1854 (see marriage entry below). The 1880 Federal Census said she was age 46 that year, and the 1905 Wisconsin Census said she was age 72 then.
Mr. Vandrey and Ms. Gruhlke
Evaline Tagatz PHILLIPS' notes said that a maternal grandmother on the Block family line had the last name of Gruhlke. I found a marriage record showing Paul Vandrey (age 32) married Justine Grulke (age 26) on Feb. 9, 1834. This was in Lobsens, Prussia, which is the same area where Rosina married Friedrich Block. [SOURCE: LDS Film Batch #8327623; Call No. 1395632 (Patron Sheets 1969-1991) - Evan. Church Record - Lobsens, Posen, Prussia record] This is not proof, however, that this is the Vandrey/Gruhlke couple who gave birth to Rosina. If they were her parents, she would have had several siblings born in the Lobsens area.

To see misc. Gruhlke surname records, go to the Gruhlke web page.

Married Friedrich Wilhelm Block
Friedrich Wilhelm Block married Rosina Vandrey on Jan. 22, 1854. The groom was 25 years old, and his new bride was 19. This is from a Lobsens, Posen, Prussia record. [SOURCE: LDS Film Batch #8327623; Call No. 1395632 (Patron Sheets 1969-1991) - Evan. Church Record]
12 Children with Friedrich Wilhelm Block: For names, dates and other details about Rosine Vandrey's 12 children, click here to go to her husband's web page.
July 28, 1870
A note left by Evaline Tagatz PHILLIPS said: "Delia came to America in a sailing ship with her parents and siblings, and after 12 weeks on the ocean, they landed at Castle Garden, New York, July 28, 1870."

The following passenger list entry was found in Germans to America, Vol. 24:

  • Friedrich Ploch [surname misspelled on passenger list], age 41
  • Rosine, age 35
  • Wilhelm, age 15
  • August, age 12
  • Wilhelmine, age 10
  • Ottilie, age 8
  • Eduard, age 6
  • Theodor, age 4
  • Auguste, age 2
  • Caroline, age .03 infant.
They came on the Marco Polo on July 28, 1870, arriving in New York having departed from Bremen.
Census Record:
1880 Federal Census
Village of Germania, Marquette Co., WI
The 1880 Federal Census in Germania, Marquette Co., WI, shows:
  • Fred Block (age given but hard to read but looks like 51, works in a wagon shop, born in Prussia)
  • wife Rosa (age 46, born in Prussia)
  • son William (age 25, works on farm, born in Prussia)
  • daughter Augusta (age 12, born in Prussia)
  • daughter Caroline (age 10, born in Prussia)
  • son Frank (age 8, born in N.Y.)
  • daughter Emma (age 5, born in Wis.)
  • daughter Amelia (age 3, born in Wis.)
Census Record:
1905 Wisconsin Census in Mecan, Marquette Co., WI
The 1905 Wisconsin in Mecan, Marquette County, Wisconsin, shows:
  • August Block (head of household, age 48, single, born in Germany, parents born in Germany, farmer)
  • Rosina Block (mother, age 72, widow, born in Germany, parents born in Germany)
Died: Details/date unknown

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