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A Warnke Genealogy, by Orlan Warnke

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A Warnke Genealogy, by Orlan Warnke © 1989
Posted with permission (for personal use only)

Some pages are not posted or have portions deleted (to protect the private information of living people)

Page iii - Table of Contents
Page v - How It All Came About
Page 10 - Other Warnke Families
Page 12 - Posen and Poseners
Page 14 - The Warnke Name & Pre-Immigration
Page 15 - Citizenship and the Civil War
Page 16 - Education
Page 17 - Documents and Maps
Page 21 - Johann and Susanna Warnke
Page 22 - Louise Warnke and Descendents
Page 26 - Henriette Warnke and Descendents
Page 31 - Michael Warnke and Descendents
Page 51 - Wilhelmine Warnke and Descendents
Page 64 - John F. Warnke and Descendents
Page 69 - Rosina Warnke and Descendents
Page 73 - Julius Warnke and Descendents
Page 75 - August Warnke and Descendents
Page 84 - Emma Warnke and Descendents
Page 102 - Final Comments
Page 103 - Germania Marsh Map

Page 20a - Susanna Weckwerth Warnke (Photo 1)
Page 20b - Susanna Weckwerth Warnke (Photo 2)
Page 32a - Germania Tavern Group
Page 64a - John F. Warnke

Documents & Maps:
Page 17 - Johann Warnke's Declaration of Intention (Citizenship)
Page 18 - Signatures from Contract (Warnke & Matz Mill; Germania Company)
Page 19 - Prussian/Poland Homeland
Page 20 - Germania/Budsin Homesteads & Cemetery
Page 32b - Mike Warnke's Will (1908)
Page 64b - Recorded Indenture (debt) - John F. Warnke (1868)

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This book was written by Orlan Warnke. He was generous in allowing me to post this online. His work is copyright protected and is being shared for personal use only. No commercial use is allowed.

Book: © Orlan Warnke 1989 - All rights reserved

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