For My Cousins Marriage Document - Emil Ludwig Klawitter & Bertha Pauline Zarbuch [as spelled]

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This Marquette County Marriage Registration Document says the following: Emil Ludwig Klawitter married Bertha Pauline Zarbuch [as spelled on form]. Emil's parents were Ludwig Klawitter and Louise Schauer. Emil was a farmer who lived in Mecan, Wisconsin, and was born "near Friedland, Prov. Posen, Germany." Bertha's parents were Gottlieb Zarbuck [surname spelled differently than Bertha's on this form] and Auguste Jahnke. Bertha was born in Packwaukee, Wis. They got married on May 21, 1900 in Packwaukee. Witnesses were Gustav Zarbuck [she had an uncle by this name] and Gustav Steifner.

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