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Germania Williams Jones
[the third with this name in my ancestry]

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May 15, 1765
William Jones was born May 15, 1765 and was baptized May 26, 1765. [SOURCE: George A. Cunningham who researched the Jones family, date - sometime in the 1800's.]
William Jones [the 2nd] and Sarah Stone
William Jones' parents were Sarah Stone and William Jones.
Married Susannah Pollard
William Jones married Susannah Pollard in Howard, Massachusetts, on Dec. 8, 1791. Susannah Pollard was born in Howard March 1772 and died July 27, 1856 at the age of 84 years and four months. The 1850 Census says she was age 78 that year (see census entry below), which matches the 1772 year of birth.

She was a daughter of David Pollard, supposedly a descendant of William and Anna Pollard of Boston. [SOURCE: George A. Cunningham's account of the Jones family] I haven't been able to prove a chain of ancestors leading to Anna myself; Cunningham said that Susannah's great-grandfather David Pollard was the youngest son of William and Anna. Anna Pollard died in Boston Dec. 6, 1725 at the age of 105. Anna came from England with Governor Winthrop in 1630; she was 10 years old then and was the first white female to come to Boston.

For misc. Pollard surname records, go to the Pollard web page.

Child 1:
Ephraim Jones
For more information, go to Ephraim Jones' web page.
Child 2:
Lucy Jones
b. Aug. 12, 1795
George Cunningham's research in the 1800's says that: Lucy Jones was born Aug. 12, 1795 and baptized Oct. 4, 1795. She married (intention extended) Mar. 22, 1823 James Piper of Westminster "where they live." [per Cunningham] They had five children at the time of this research.
Child 3:
Henrietta Jones
b. June 30, 1798
d.Nov. 2, 1812
Henrietta Jones (born June 30, 1798; baptized Aug. 5, 1798; died Nov. 2, 1818 at the age of 14 years, four months and two days) is not to be confused with the Henrietta Jones who lived in Germania, Marquette Co., WI. The inscription on Henrietta's tombstone says: "Friends and physicians could not save my mortal body from the grave. Nor can the grave confine me here when Christ shall call me to appear." [SOURCE: George A. Cunningham who researched the Jones family, date - sometime in the 1800's.]
Child 4:
Susannah Jones
b. Oct. 24, 1805
Susannah was born Oct. 24, 1805 and married Rev. Warren Emerson (a Methodist clergyman) on Oct. 12, 1841. [SOURCE: George A. Cunningham who researched the Jones family, date - sometime in the 1800's.]
Child 5:
Nancy Jones
b. July 9, 1809
George Cunningham wrote in the 1800's: "Nancy born July 9, 1809, married May 12, 1832 Rev. Rufus Spalding living in Dubuque, Iowa - 3 children."

The 1860 Federal Census in Dubuque, Dubuque Co., Iowa, shows:

  • Rifus Spalding [first name looked like Rifus or Refus, not Rufus] (age 56, real estate value $20,000, personal property $300, born in Canada, occupation hard to read but looks something like "Me Priest")
  • N. J. Spalding (age 51, born in Mass.)
  • Mellville C. Spalding (age 24, student, real estate value 4300, personal property value $500, born in Mass.
  • Helen Spalding [middle initial looks like an M. or an N.] (age 19, born in Wisconsin)
  • Mary Spalding [or possibly May] (age 79, born in N. Hampshire)
Child 6:
George William Jones
b. May 1816
d. Aug. 13, 1819
George William Jones was born May 1816 and died Aug. 13, 1819 at the age of 3. [SOURCE: George A. Cunningham who researched the Jones family, date - sometime in the 1800's.]
Census Record:
1850 Federal Census
Lunenburg, Worcester Co., MA
The 1850 Federal Census in Lunenburg, Worcester Co., Massachusetts shows:
  • William Jones (age 85, farmer, born in Mass.)
  • Susannah Jones (age 78, born in Mass.)
Misc. Note:
Soldier and respected member of the community
George A. Cunningham wrote sometime in the 1800's the following (as copied for descendants in Germania, Marquette Co., WI, decades ago):

"William Jones was a soldier of the Revolution, at the early age of 16, and was afterward a Captain in the militia. In all the relations of private and public life - as a husband, a father, a neighbor, a citizen and a member of the church - he was an exemplary man. He was on School Committee in 1789, 1801, 04, 05, 06, 08, 10, 11, 12, 13, 17, 18, 19 and 20, in all 16 years, being with on exception the greatest number of years that any man has held that office in this town. He was one of the founders of the Methodist Society in Lunenberg [as spelled], and he always felt a warm interest in its welfare. He was one of the few men who are to be found in almost any community who retain the confidence and respect of all through a long and useful life."

July 27, 1854
William died May 15, 1854 on his 89th birthday. [SOURCE: Research by George A. Cunningham prepared for the Jones family in the 1800's and Angelina Ellis' 1895 Journal.]

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