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Ottilie Emilie Siewert [Tagatz]
aka Sievert

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Name Information
Feb. 4, 1849
My grandmother Evaline Tagatz wrote that Ottilie was born Feb. 4, 1849. This matches her tombstone.
Christoph Siewert and Miss Fenler
Notes left by my grandmother Evaline Tagatz Phillips say that Chris Siewert was Ottilie's father, and her mother's maiden name was Fenler.

See the entry in their daughter Clara Tagatz Weckwerth's Bible, which says that August Siewert was the son of August Siewert, son of Christoph Siewert and Caroline Feneller Siewert. (August was born Aug. 17, 1853 and is likely Otillie Emilie Siewert Tagatz's brother). This Bible entry confirms my grandmother's notes about Otillie's (and her sister Caroline Albertine Siewert's) parents.

Married Johann Michael Tagatz
Nov. 18, 1866
A marriage listed in Marquette County Pre-1907 marriages online said that Emilie Siervert married Johann Michael Tagartz [both surnames misspelled]. After she died, her husband married Emilie's sister, Caroline. See the marriage record entries for both marriages in Clara Tagatz Weckwerth's family Bible. This record says the first marriage occurred on Nov. 18, 1866.
4 children with Johann Michael Tagatz
Otillie Emilie Siewert had several children with her husband J. Michael Tagatz, including: Martin John Tagatz, Friedrich "Fred" Wilhelm Tagatz, Wilhelmina "Minnie" Pauline Tagatz and Albert August Tagatz. For information about these children and their families, go to Johann Michael Tagatz's web page.
Aug. 20, 1856
Emilie immigrated at age 8 on August 20, 1856, departing Bremen, Germany and arriving in New York, New York on the ship Shakspeare [as spelled on ship manifest]. She came with these relatives: Christoph Siewert (age 43) [her father], Caroline (age 31) [her mother, August (age 3) [her brother] and Carl (age 9 months) [her brother]. [SOURCE: Lists of Passengers Bound from Bremen to New York, 1847-1854, With Places of Origin. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1987. 175p. Page: 140]
Census Record:
1860 Federal Census
Crystal Lake, Marquette Co., WI
The 1860 Federal Census in Crystal Lake, Marquette Co., WI, shows:
  • Christoph Sewirt [surname is hard to read, I may have transcribed it incorrectly (age 47, farmer, born in Prussia, real estate value - $700 [or possibly $400], personal property value - $410 [last digit hard to read]
  • Alma (age 25 - does not give her relationship to Christoph, born in Prussia)
  • Amelia (age 11, born in Prussia)
  • Augusta (age 6, born in Prussia)
  • Charles (age 5, born in Prussia)
  • Carolina (age 2, born in Wis.).
Census Record:
1870 Federal Census
Crystal Lake, Marquette Co., WI
The 1870 Federal Census in Crystal Lake, Marquette Co., WI, shows:
  • Michael Taggets [as spelled on census form] (age 25, farmer, real estate value - $800, personal property value - $325, born in Prussia)
  • Emilia (age 20, born in Prussia)
  • Martin (age 3, born in Wis.)
  • Frederick (age 1, born in Wis.).
Sept. 17, 1872
Ottilie Emilie's tombstone (see above) gave her maiden name as Sievert (or Siewert) and said she was the wife of J. Michael Tagatz. It gave her date of birth as Feb. 4 1849 and her date of death as Sept. 17, 1872. She was buried in the Matz-Tagatz Cemetery in the Budsin area of Marquette Co., WI.

My grandmother Evaline Tagatz wrote that Ottilie "died two weeks after her fourth child was born. She had roasted coffee, got too hot and went to the door to cool off, got chilled and died of a resulting blood clot."

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