For My Cousins Emil Ludwig Klawitter and
other family members (see note below photo)

Go to Emil's web site for family details.

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Family Photo
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Emil Ludwig Klawitter (far right in back) with family members. Notes with the photo say: "Bottom: Dave Cragin, Amanda, Beatris, Russel?, ___?) and toward the right under the photo "Emil Klawitter, Birtha [I assume Bertha Pauline (Schauer) Klawitter], Alma." Alma is the eldest daughter of Bertha and Emil; Alma's husband is Dave Cragin.

Also one of my cousins said that she thinks the people in the top row on the left are her grandparents Herbert Herman Klawitter Sr. (holding baby Herbert Raymond Klawitter Jr.) and his wife Margaret Dorothy Barron Klawitter. The other three girls are daughters of Emil and Bertha. Emil is standing on the right in back.

(This is a scanned image from a copy; I don't have access to the original photo.)

Image # 1673 (KL22)

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