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1915 Westfield High School Yearbook - Page 60
(Marquette Co., Wisconsin)
Yearbook Page
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Commercial Geography Teacher: "For what is Switzerland noted, Erny?"
Erny: "For Swiss cheese."
Teacher: "Oh, for something grander, stronger, and more expressive."
Erny: "For Limburger."

Grade Teacher: "Can anyone tell what bird in Africa has wings, but cannot fly."
Bright Boy: "A dead bird."

Mr. S.: "Of what use is the damper of a stove?"
Bright Sophomore Lass: "To keep the stove from burning."

Miss K.: "What is meant by pagan?"
A. H.: "Pagan is a wagon."
A. T.: "A pagan is a beautiful girl."

Teacher: "Would you use the word professor after every man's name?"
Herman T.: "No; I would use it in front of his name."

One Rath-BUN in the center;
Two Stuemp-FIGS on the sides.

Chet at the Cozy Cafe (to "Skinny" and his girl who are enjoying ice cream): "I see you two are happily engaged."
Corinne: "Why-er-no-not yet."

BASE SOLO, by Raa B. [Raa Brown]
(Air: Annie Laurie)
There are meters of accent
And there're mete(o)rs of stone;
But - oh! the best meter is
When I me(e)t'er alone! (Encore)

When is a ton not a ton?
Answer: When it is A. TONN.
[Reference to Anna Tonn]

Teacher: "What is meant by disparity?"
Student: "Well, to illustrate, there is Doris and Warren, the bigness and littleness of the Sophomore Class."

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