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b. ABT 1603
Lewis died at the age of 71 in 1684, which means he would have been born about 1603. [SOURCE: George A. Cunningham who did research in the 1800's on the Jones family.]
George A. Cunningham wrote the following in the 1800's: He [Lewis] "married in 1624 Anna Stone, born in England in 1608, daughter of Deacon Simon and Jane Stone, who embarked at London, England, April 15, 1635 in the ship "Increase," Robert Lea, Master, and settled in Watertown, Mass. Anna died May 1, 1680 at the age of 72 years...Anna's tombstone in the old burying ground in Watertown, MA, has the following inscription: She lived a pious Godly life, And is now escaped free from hate and strife."

The above does not make sense. The passenger list of the "Increase" says Anna was age 11 in 1635 when the ship arrived. The Anna who married Lewis would, therefore, have been born about 1624. She died in 1680 at the age of 72, which does not add up.

Child 1:
Lydia Jones
Lydia married Jonathan Whitney (of Watertown) on Oct. 30, 1656. They had 12 children. [SOURCE: George A. Cunningham's research in the 1800's]
Child 2:
Josiah Jones
b. in 1643
d. Oct. 9, 1714
For more information, go to Josiah Jones' web page.
Child 3:
Phebe Jones
b. Jan. 21, 1645
d. July 6, 1659
George Cunningham, who did Jones' family research in the 1800's, wrote: "Lewis and Anna Stone had a daughter, Phebe, born in Roxbury, Jan. 21, 1645, and died of a scald, as the church records state July 6, 1650. She was not their oldest child. About this time (1650), they removed to Watertown, Mass."
Misc. Notes:
The First Jones in this Line to Come to America
Genealogy researcher George A. Cunningham wrote in the 1800's: "Lewis Jones, the first of the name who appears in this country, was a member of the church of Roxbury, in 1640, but I have not been able to find when, in what vessel, he came to this country."
Misc. Notes:
Family Genealogy written in Henry David Thoreau's Journal
From Henry David Thoreau's Journal, February 25, 1856: "My mother's mother was Mary Jones, only daughter of "Col. Elisah Jones, Esq, of Weston...He married Mary Allen... Colonel Elisha Jones was born 1710, the son of Captain Josiah Jones (born 1670 in Weston) and Abigail Jones. Captain Josiah Jones was the son of Josiah Jones on Watertown Farms (born 1643) and Lydia Treadway (daughter of Nathaniel Treadway, who died in Watertown, 1689). Josiah Jones was son of Lewis Jones (who appears to have moved from Roxbury to Watertown about 1650 and died 1684) and Anna (perhaps Stone?) (born in England)[the question mark behind 'Stone' was in Thoreau's journal]..."

     "[Lewis and his wife (Anna)] settled first in Roxbury and moved to Watertown about 1650, where they made a home at what is now the corner of Green and Belmont streets in the town of Belmont...burial site unknown]... He seems to have remained unhonored in enduring stone until one of his descendants, the late General Edward F. Jones of Binghamton, who commanded the Massachusetts Sixth Regiment when it was mobbed in the streets of Baltimore in 1861, caused the inscription "Lewis Jones, 1645" to be chiselled in large letters at the top of the great boulder which he placed on his family lot in Mount Auburn."

[SOURCE: Excerpt from a much larger article -- The Wide Spreading Jones Family: Thoreau, President Garfield and Mark Hopkins among its Famous Members -- A Further Lifting of the Veil Only Slightly Raised by Frank Sanborn in His Life of the Concord Philosopher, by Edmund Hudson, printed in Boston Evening Transcript, June 27, 1917, online through]

Apr. 11, 1684
Lewis died Apr. 11, 1684 in Watertown, Massachusetts. Lewis' will was dated Jan. 7, 1679 with a codicil dated Apr. 19, 1682. It was approved June 14, 1864. Inventory was 62.20 pounds [in England's currency]; Lewis' son Josiah Jones was the will executor. [SOURCE: George A. Cunningham who did research in the 1800's on the Jones family.]

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