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1915 Westfield High School Yearbook - Page 7
(Marquette Co., Wisconsin)
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Historical Resume - The Westfield High School was organized in 1882. Prior to said year the institution existed as a grade school. The curriculum offered but a single three-year course with few electives. There were many high schools in Wisconsin during the 80's and early 90's which had similar courses in vogue. The work of the first two years did not differ radically from that of the present freshman and sophomore years. The chief subjects of the third year were geometry, physics, and German.

In 1900, a general four-year course was adopted. Four years later the course was revised. The history department especially was strengthened. No noteworthy alteration has been made since. In 1913, however, two new courses - the teachers' training and the commercial courses - were added to the curriculum. These new courses are practical and they have already become popular. The Westfield High School was placed on the accredited list of the University of Wisconsin in 1906, where it has since remained upon recommendation of the inspectors who were delegated to make a survey of the institution.

In 1888, the old school building, having served its days of usefulness, was sold and removed from the school site on to Main Street. It was remodeled and is at present known as the Odd Fellows' Hall. It was supplanted by a modern brick structure, which now comprises the north half of the building and which was enlarged to its present proportions by the addition of the south wing in 1904.

The first high school class was graduated in 1885. Ninety-four students completed the three-year course and since the adoption of the four-year course 119 students have been graduated, making the total number of alumni 213. They have become widely dispersed and many have gained distinction in the professions and the business world.

The Westfield High School has always had good instructors in the various departments and strong, capable men at the helm. Many of the former principals have since their administration here become very prominent in politics and in the educational field. Among them mention is made of the following: Joy Aylward, Madison, twice the Democratic nominee for Governor and at present United States District Attorney of the Western District of Wisconsin; E.W. Walker, superintendent of the Wisconsin State School for the Deaf, at Delavan; E. H. Miles, city superintendent of the Waupaca schools; J. H. Wheelock, principal of the Taylor County Training School at Medford; Duncan H. Reid, of Endeavor, county superintendent of schools of Marquette County.

Under the present administration, the number of high school instructors has been increased from three to six and the enrollment has reached ninety. The library now contains over one thousand volumes and the school equipment is quite ample. The favorable conditions bespeak the the progress and success of the Westfield High School, whose future outlook is indeed roseate.

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