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1915 Westfield High School Yearbook - Page 57
(Marquette Co., Wisconsin)
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The second team has some excellent material for replenishing the regular school line-up, in which there will be three vacancies via the graduation route. The positions held by [Raa] Brown, [Erwin] Miller, and [Edward] Mishelow during the last two seasons, will be hard to fill as satisfactorily as they have been. It was largely through them that the enviable record was made during the past season. But there can be no doubt that [Robert] Lange, [John] Collins, and several other good players, with regular practice and efficient coaching, will develop readily into stars. The second quintet had challenged a number of school teams, but, for various reasons, its schedule included only two games with the Oxford Highs. It was victorious in both the contests, the scores being 19 to 12 and 31 to 6.

The girls, until this year, did not have an organized team since 1911. A sufficient number was induced to play to insure the organization of two teams, which were coached by Miss Kelsey. On January 15, the first team held the strong girls'team of Plainfield High School to a 2-to-2 tie game at Plainfield. In the return game, several members of the team were not in the contest, owing to illness, and Plainfield won, 9 to 0., The only other interscholastic contest was with the Endeavor Aademy girls' quintet, who won by scoring a single goal. With one season of experience the girls should be strong contenders for honors next year.

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