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1915 Westfield High School Yearbook - Page 40
(Marquette Co., Wisconsin)
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"What's in a name? That which we call a rose, By any other name would smell as sweet."

At baptism he received the Christian name of Billy; his surname we will not divulge. That no one may get a wrong conception, we wish it clearly understood that his name, even though you may consider it an opprobrious one, does not detract in the least from the excellence, or goodness, which entitles him to honor and reward.

Billy is well born and well bred, inheriting the noble and amiable qualities of a long line of illustrious ancestors, for the virtues of the mothers, as well as the vices of the fathers, are sometimes visited upon their posterity. Morever, in his youth, he was trained in the way he should go, and when he waxed old he did not depart from it. He was taught to be gentle and good; to never learn bad ways, to do his work with a good will; never to backbite (or vice versa), to carry the burdens of the weak, and sometimes the weak themselves, and never to be a knocker nor a kicker.

He has grown to be a handsome fellow; slightly above the medium height but with a well-knit, perfectly healthy, perfectly delightful body. His hazel eyes are large and luminous. His countenance is expressive of kindly sympathy, and his disposition is the sweetest we have ever known. He always wears a glossy black coat, which is soft and fine of texture.

Each morning about five minutes to nine, Billy may be seen striding leisurely up the street, with dinner pail and books suspended in mid air.

When the day bids fair, Billy puts in his appearance with saddle, but in stormy weather, for the sake of protection, he journeys with covered buggy.

Oh! Billy! Artless lad, if thou wouldst only quicken thy lagging step the monitors would not have the unpleasant, but oft recurring task of reporting an absence.

Though in appearance Billy may seem unambitious and slow, he really intends to be diligent. In spite of the tedious journey each morn and night, which must surely become monotonous, he performs his daily task nobly and well.

Billy's boon companion is an energetic young man, possessing numerous virtues and sterling qualities. This intimate friend of Billy's has furnished him a comfortable home for some years past, and has spoken many a kind and cheery word to encourage him on his journey through life. If Billy were gifted with an extensive vocabulary we would, no doubt, be entranced some fine morning by an eloquence of praise and gratitude from his lips.

M. and S., '15.

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