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1915 Westfield High School Yearbook - Page 38
(Marquette Co., Wisconsin)
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The Model Teacher

The model teacher helps the children to see all the good things which life holds and how to obtain and appreciate them. She helps the students to study nature and to love the beautiful; and she instills in them a strong feeling of love and thankfulness for their homes, because the country is the most beautiful and happiest place in the world to live in.

Furthermore, the model teacher instructs her pupils to be truthful, kind, just, and clean in their habits. While some are taught these virtues at home, others are not; and the school is the only place where all have the same environment and the same opportunity to live nobly. The greatest thing a teacher can do for her pupils is to help them to develop strong characters; to train their conscience and their will, to decide in the right. For every time they choose the right, they take another step in forming the good habit of right doing. Thus they are unconsciously learning to govern themselves.

While the students are learning all these things which will help to make them better men and women, the model teacher guides them in their book learning which broadens their minds and incidentally trains them for the highest type of citizenship, which our country is greatly in need of.

Gladys Merriman, '15.

The Value of Time

Any person gifted with common sense can perceive that life is short, that time flies, and that we should make good use of the present.

Whatever inequalities we may labor under, all of us have an equal amount of time, which should be used wisely and apportioned judiciously, since it is impossible to retrieve what is wasted or lost. One great fault of many people is that they are inclined to overlook the towering importance of the present. If we wish to accomplish anything in life, we must set about it now. If we have the desire for helping others, no time is better than the present for bringing about the realization of that desire.

One of the secrets of progress and success is to know how to make the most of present opportunities. Very often by delaying, even a few moments, the best plans, the most important affairs, a good situation, honor, happiness, and even life itself, may be sacrificed.

Mabel Hengfuss, '15.

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