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1915 Westfield High School Yearbook - Page 34
(Marquette Co., Wisconsin)
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Living for Something

'Tis well to live for something -- to forbear
All ills, to topple evil's throne,
To fight the fight of faith, to win and wear
A diadem that is one's own.

His brow with choicest laurels garlanded
Shall be who wins the world's acclaim.
Who's not afraid the rugged way to tread
Which leads to martyrdom and fame.

'Tis well to live for something, I believe.
To trust and try, with valor win:
As if there were no time to fear and griev,
Nor e'er occasion to begin.

Who would not strive some purpose to achieve,
To gain full mastery of an aim?
Life's time is brief, now is the time to weave
Its woof and to exalt one's name.

Aye seek the truth, all evil things eschewing;
And while the bereaved Rachels weep,
with happy heart give comfort -- in so doing,
The stream of joy will flow more deep.

In heaven trust, for the dear Demiurge
With tender mercy doth entreat us;
He calms life's storms, surmounts each baf'ling surge,
And pilots safe to Port Quietus.


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