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1915 Westfield High School Yearbook - Page 18
(Marquette Co., Wisconsin)
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Senior Class Historiette

On a fair day in early September, 1911, I began a memorable trip from Lincoln town to the city of Westfield. Ere long I passed through the boscage of Lawrence and arrived at my destination near the close of day. Being somewhat fatigued, I soon lay me down in a cosy [as spelled] corner to slumber. And as a slept I dreamed a dream in which I saw a cosmopolitan group of callow youths and maidens in front of a brick structure called the Westfield High School. As they loitered there they were seized with fear and trembling and broke out with the lamentable cry. "Whither shall we betake ourselves?" In their plight they ogled their way and that, until a man named Principal approached them and said, "Wherefore wail ye?" Then some answered, "'Cause we know not where to go or what to do." Thereupon Principal gave them a parchment upon which they beheld the bold caption. "Rules and Regulations," and he said, "Follow these with sagacity, and then henceforward ye need fear and weep no more."

Then I saw in my dream that the group began tripping merrily through a broad field called Freshman Mead. Ere long they came to a quagmire called Monthly Quiz, and being heedless, some fell in. For a time the unfortunates wigwagged and a number of them became wretchedly bedaubed with ink. All were extricated, however, and the band journeyed on until Freshman Mead was crossed and the pleasure grounds called Vacation were reached. After a good rest here the majority of the band pressed forward again.

The topography of the region was a rolling prairie until Sophomore Heights were attained. After surmounting a number of difficulties encountered on the upward march, the pilgrim band came to the Green Pasture of Ease, where all was joy and sunshine. This table land, however, was narrow, so that it was crossed in a few seemingly brief days.

The pilgrims next entered Junior Territory, where the atmosphere was sweet and pleasant. They chose a leader and continued their journey for nine months, when they espied a gate in the distance. Their eyes were filled with great visions and on reaching the wicket they passed through and found themselves in Delectable Senior Province. Many were their experiences as they pressed onward until finally they came to a picturesque elevation called Rostrum. There they saw a pile of sheepskins and in close proximity the Sepulchre of Oblivion, into which their burdens, whichthey so nobly bore for four long years, rolled. The pilgrims were now happy and care free. Next day they found themselves on enchanted ground, where they met other pilgrims, called Alumni, who had preceded them. Together they feasted, and as they dwelt enraptured I awoke from my dream just as a voice whispered: "Ye are still in America, the Land of Opportunity. Live well, not unto yourselves alone, but for all mankind." M. GLADYS MERRIMAN, '15.

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