George Ellis Phillips'
1895 Journal

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January 7:Meet Bounty Committee on qualification of officers
January 8:Paid ___ Weckwerth - $5.00
January 11:Pd. W.B. & Matz - $1.35; Pd. Hansen Shoeing - .60
Ledger items listed
during week of January 6:
$5.00 - HJW [? Not sure transcribed correctly]
  1.55 - Shirts, girls
    .05 - Oat meal
  1.12 - Herman King
    .50 - Brandy Tagatz
  1.35 - Rye feed
    .60 - Shoeing – J. Hansen
  1.00 - Shoes baby
    .40 - Yarn – HJW
    .10 - Oil
    .10 - Lemons
    .60 - Shirts for Delia
  1.00 - Overshoes
    .70 - Oats
    .15 - Horse at hotel bin
    .45 - Tea P.&H. [NOTE: This is likely Phillips & Hartwell’s store]
    .05 - [BLANK]
    .08 - Crackers
    .02 - [BLANK]
    .14 - Rice
    .05 - Machine oil
[Total]  $15.86
January 20:Paul’s; visit from John Paul & wife & Fred
January 21:Raining till 10 o’clock. Snow till midnight. Paul’s home.
January 25:Snow storm
January 28:Hensline for hay - $10.50
Paid Ho. J. Weckworth [?] - $5.00
Paid W.B. & M. wheat 2 bu. [illegible] - $1.50
[subtotal:] 17.50
Beer .05
Treats .15
Sausage .10
January 29:50 degrees cold
January 30:Goboots [?] – 108 # E. Morse – 20 degrees cold;
Got Nance shod – Paid Jo Hansen $1.00
January 31:In full for sleigh and shoeing - .50;
Paid for 2 bu. Re ground to WB&M - .90
Paid Sabine Medicine Co.; 24 degrees cold; Light snow storm
February 1: Cold. 25 degrees below zero; Roads drifted some
February 3: To school house
February 7:Fee of W.B. & M. 2 bu wheat 1 bu rye - $1.55
February 8 & 9:Hay of EJ Phillips per R. Grahn [?]
110 cut – 44 = 66 cut divide by 20 = 3 T [illegible]
@ $4 per cut -- $13.00
A very cold week
February 9:Flour 4 sakes of P. & H.
February 11:Issue summons Hermon Kropp [?] vs. Gust Nest;
Buck [?] wood
February 15:[illegible] & Daisy took bulls
February 16:Got feed of Dalkie & Son - $5.40
February 17:Return day of Summons – Case settled
February 23:Got money order - $29.00;
Paid to P. & H. - $15.00; Of [?] $55.86
February 24:Thawing warm – Nance ran across pond to Bandts;
Nicholaesin [?] dead this morning
February 26:Use buggy.
February 27:Rubbers W. (55 cents castoria .35) - .90;
[illegible] - .30; Flannel .45;
thread .05 - .50; Song books .30;
postage .05 - .35
February 28:Paid J. Hansen shoeing (.70); seat [?] .55 - $1.25;
Paid W.B.&M. for feed - $1.87
March 3:Brimcomb preacher
March 11:Paid Dahlkie & Son for feed - $5.40
March 13:Paid J. Hansen for horse shoeing - .50
March 14:Attend case E.J. Phillips vs. Louisa __holaisin [partially illegible]
March 16:Tucker got Davidson’s Bryants Justice
March 20:Paid [illegible] Cash Store (one shirt) – 60 cents
March 20:Attend examinations at Montello.
March 21:Paid W.B. & M. for 1 bu rye; 12 bu wheat - $1.60
March 21:Write conveyances for Krinley Ernestine [?] to Hoft Gustav
March 22:Paid McKinney for one barrel of [illegible] - $2.80
Paid Hensline on insurance policy - $1.50
April 2:Pd. Dalkie & Son on 400# feed - $5.00
April 6:Chas. [illegible] ½ ton
April 6:Lawsuit
April 10:Pd. WR&M 2 bu wheat - $1.10
April 11:Snow storm large flakes
April 12:Paid for suit of clothes and cap - $10.50
April 11:Gusty Reinkie Carnik [?] here
April 16:Surveying
April 19:Got Nance shod - .25; spear - .50
Got beef - .95
Castor oil (at $1.50 gal) ¼ = .37
Con [?] - .15
Washers “leather” - .23
April 20:Paid J. Weckwerth for use of room for lawsuit - .50
Paid R.W. Parker for fountain pen - $1.65
April 21:Jo, and Ida Lobajewski, here
April 22:Plow ½ day
April 23:Plow all day
April 22:Esther consult me [illegible] - .25;
paid Jan. 20, 1896 - .50
April 24:Pay R.W. Parker interest $7.70; on transit ($110) on note Ripon Bank
Drive Bill Wing from pond.
April 25:Plowing all day -- .50 paid Jan. 20, 1896
April 26:To Princeton with Wm. Day.
Krinby [?] and attend lawsuit before E. Harroun [?]
April 27:Finish plowing – ½ day – 25 cents;
pd. Jan 20, 1896
April 29:Fritz Hark clearing away from behind Ed’s barn for foundation
April 30:Commence on Ed’s foundation
May 1:Settle for E.J. Phillips with Louisa Nicolaesin.
May 2:Borrow Wm. Bandt’s wagon, team manure.
May 3:To Princeton with Nance;
Heavy rains here at Germania;
Blacks for lumber.
Hark finishes Ed’s foundation at ten o’clock a.m. May 3, 1895
May 4:Commence framing Ed’s barn.
May 5:Richert here at 8 PM [illegible]
May 6:Commence raising Ed’s barn;
Telephone to Wilde to be on hand to survey for day at May 9 - .25;
Work on barn – Ed’s
May 8:Raising barn. Working corn. Planting in afternoon.
May 9:Hot. 94 degrees above [illegible]
May 9/10:To Westfield to survey for Wm Day
84 degrees in shade at Westfield
May 11:Heavy frost Saturday night.
I saved grapevine by covering with carpets and blanket
May 12:Cooper here. Face shaved clean.
May 13:Snowed Sunday night.
Spread manure and flow further garden let [?]. Windy. Cold.
May 13:Work putting cornice on sides of Ed’s barn – ½ day – two sides. Still cold.
Put my stock into barn. All safe.
May 14/15:Put siding on gabel ends and finish boarding roof – Put on cornice on east, north, south ends and commence shingling Wilde here and takes transcript of judgment (Rogers vs. Ida Hintz [?])
May 16:Finish cornice and shingling.
Commence laying barn floor.
May 17:To Princeton to Gram’s [?] funeral.
Work 3 hours on barn. Laying plank floor.
Cloudy. Dry somewhat. Joel Wright here.
May 18:Work on stalls.
Feed boxes and hay boxes. Raining good.
May 19:Richert preached 8-30
May 20:Surveying for Krause. Big snowflakes.
May 21:Surveying Palooka – frosty night.
May 21:Paid R.W. Parker on note - $10; for Ripon Bank $110.00
May 23:Survey at Jepson’s Sec. 33. 16-11. $3.00
May 21:Paid W.B.&M. (1 bu rye .55)
(2 bu wheat ground for feed 1.40)
(1 bu wheat for hens - .75 cents)
May 24:Plow home land. Hurt my back, lame.
May 25:Work ½ day on barn.
May 21:Work ½ day on barn.
May 25:To Princeton. Loose mother’s spectacles.
May 25:Rec. note of $100.00 of Ripon Bank
May 26:To Princeton with Peggy and Nancy to find [illegible]
May 27:Work on road pole [?] tax;
Eddie earns .25
May 28:Work rod 3 hours a.m.;
Work on Ed’s barn ½ day pm
May 29:Send pension papers – C.S. to Washington CD – Hensline got agreement between him and Ed. Mattis
May 30:Lay floor. Transum. Rainy.
Send to L.M. [illegible], Madison
R.W. Parker got chain (surv’r)
May 31:Lay more floor. Amelia and Mary to Montello with Nance & Tommy
June 1:Work on barn
June 2:Put cookstove into pump room;
Paul here and wife and Fred
June 3:Went down to Henslins on Seehaver case – home at 1 o’clock at night
June 3:Meet Henslin at Lv’d Buchhoz [?] and then go from Jul King’s to Princeton to see Wilde [illegible]. Labozenokie [?] and wife and little girl here. Cook & Lueck scraper
June 4:To Jepson’s for new deed. Henslins for quit claim.
Work on barn 2 hours
June 5:Work on barn stairs and siding [illegible]
June 6:Work on barn
June 7:Work on barn ½ day A.M.
June 8:½ day on barn P.M. flooring
June 10:Finish siding up [illegible] loft boxes
June 11:Build stair way partitions
June 12:Work ¾ day on approach to Ed’s barn
June 13:Fencing ½ day by agreement
June 14:Surveying
June 15:Surveying
June 16:Richert here. [illegible] July 7 at 8:30
June 17:Mowing, raining afternoon. Eddie [illegible]
June 18:Got my hay home and ½ ton for Ed
June 19:Recording. Cultivating. Cultivate ½ day.
June 21:Surveying for town.
Trip to Harrisville with Barzie Scovel [?] - $1. Rec’d of P.
June 22:Platting.
June 23:Finish plat of Day’s lot
June 24:Trip with Chas. Swederski to A.M.
John Giljohn’s. Hoe at Welkie’s P.M.
Hoeing corn. Sent plot to R.W. Wilde.
[illegible] Merriam goes home.
June 25:Hoeing corn all day. Finish.
June 26:Get [illegible] to cultivate beans ½ day P.M. Hoeing beans finished.
M. Tagatz picks bugs.
June 27:Hoe garden
June 28:PM cut hay creek woods
June 29:Got hay home.
Grahn sells my grass to Aug. Warnke;
John Gilgann makes af’dt [NOTE: affidavit?]
June 30:Trip to Princeton with [illegible initial] Swederske to get Dr. McConnell’s afdt’
July 1:Trip to Princeton for [initial illegible] Swederskie – R.M. work putting apron into binder and try to cut rye
July 2:Try rye again – Allie takes binder out of field
July 3:Rose here
Cut my rye with cradle. [illegible] $4.00
Bargain to [illegible] rye on my corn stubble.
Bargain for three acres for corn when I want it
July 2:Sign af’dt – P. auctioneer of separator; [illegible] here.
July 6:Pd. Muller for sulphite soda – 35 cents
July 7:Preaching to be Cooper [?]
July 8:Mark conveyance papers
July 9:Get bobsleds to train – 68 cents;
Jack to Montello, stay one night
July 10:Bring wagon, bobsleds and Jack home. [illegible] $1.35
July 11:Ride to Simmons
July 12:Cut grass on Simmons hay marsh
July 13:Finish. Rake. [illegible]
July 14:Rainy afternoon heavy. Cut grass behind Jenny [?]
July 16:Stack my bay [?]. Daniel King helps me on Simmons.
July 16:Dollie here. [initial illegible] King snows ½ day
July 17:Mowing; Meat of L.E. Leighton 21# @ 7 cents – 2.17
July 18:Mowing ½ day. One stack. [illegible] Heavy rain evening.
July 19:Wet A.M. Fred and Amiel [?] mom ½ day
July 20:Two stacks made today.
July 20:Some millet.
July 20:Case Wilde vs. Duchenskie 10 A.M. – not called papers; not served;
Wilde gets $10 note of Duchenskie
July 20:Trouble about springs

Beef of E.J. Phillips 24# @ 5 cents = 1.20

July 21:Paul’s Thrasa. Hulda. Min here. Picnic. [??]
July 21:Springs returned.
July 22:[illegible] morning on pond
July 23:Mowing.
July 24:Surveying, Bissd & Norcross Bros.
July 25:Lawsuit. Brisky vs. Witt. Mow some
July 26:Shower.
July 27:Ice cream festival. Ruth collects but delivers nothing much
July 28:Flora Farmer and her Clara here.
July 29:Draw hay into barn.
July 30:Mrs. Rich here. Sick.
Aug. 1:Sick.
Aug. 2:Delia and I take Dollie to Montello to train and sow turnip patch again.
Seed 25 cents. [illegible]
Aug. 3:Mowing in corn pasture.
Aug. 3:Rosa Finerty starts for Chicago
Aug. 4:Cooper preaches
Aug. 5:Mowing
Aug. 6:To Montello get tooth pulled - .50
Aug. 6:A little raining cloudy.
Aug. 7:Stack hay
Aug. 8:Eddie got sack flour of W.B.&M - $1.00
Aug. 9:Willie here
Aug. 10:Decker [?] here
Aug. 11:Richert preaches
Aug. 13:Mowing
Aug. 14:Haying, rainy
Aug. 15:Finish haying
Aug. 16:Duchenskie pd $10 note
Aug. 17:Paid J. Hansen
Aug. 16:To Princeton with Delia to get May’s things
Aug. 17:Send R. Wilde - $9.00
Aug. 18:Cooper preached
Aug. 19:Pull some beans. Thrashed some rye.
Aug. 20:Thrashing rye
Aug. 21:May goes East with mother.
Trash rye ½ day R.M. [illegible]
Trip to McConnells - $1.50
Trip to Giljohns - $1.50
Trip to Bartols - $1.00
Aug. 22:Get frgs [?] of Chas. Swederskie – owe him $4.00
Aug. 22:Thrashing rye
Aug. 23:Got 2 sacks flour W.B.&M. - $2.00;
Work in corn rainy day
Aug. 24:Finish thrashing rye – commence on Pence’s waste spout
Aug. 25:Got Nell. & Jack
Aug. 26:Got rye ground and wheat bran - .63
Aug. 27:Go to Ed Bartz’es funeral, Ed’s carriage
Heavy rain and hail at Westfield. Some rain here.
Aug. 28:Got straw cut at H. Lasses [?] – fine rain;
Put Pence’s waste spout in
Aug. 29:Delia & boys cut corn afternoon
Aug. 30:Jack lame
Aug. 30:Plow ½ day.
Mrs. Kruger (widow) calls on us
Aug. 30:Sick a bed
Aug. 31:Plowing
Sept. 2:Sold meat of Leighton’s cow - $2.00
Sept. 3:Plow
Sept. 4:Plow ½ day. Cut corn ½ day
Sept. 9:[illegible] my rye. [illegible]
Sept. 11:To Montello to get stoves for P. H. - $2.00
Sept. 12:Commence sowing rye P.M.
Sept. 13:Sowing rye finish A.M.;
Amelia picks cranberries A.M.; Eddie drags [?] P.M.
Sept. 14:Draging [?] rye finish P.M.
Sept. 16:Husking corn [illegible]
Sept. 17:Husking corn. Lawsuit
Sept. 19:May home this evening
Sept. 20:A fine shower PM evening
Sept. 21:Got hay for Phillips & H - $1.00;
Sugar of P&H 20# - $1.00
Sept. 22:Butler 13-1/2 # [illegible] @ 10 cents;
Heavy shower this evening
Sept. 23:Got two sacks flour of WB&M – cool;
Finish harrowing corn land
Sept. 24:Onions to E.J. Phillips 1 bu - .60;
Cut my millet; Drill rye on corn stubble;
[illegible] Keyes and wife goes to Abbot, Ia.
Sept. 25:Plow land for wheat
Sept. 26:Sow wheat
Sept. 29:To Princeton for Phillips and Hartwell and get a load of feed - $2.00
Oct. 1:To Harrisville to survey for Silas Detert [?]; he not home
Oct. 2:One keag or ½ bu of M. Tagatz - $1.25; and paid the 20th day of Jan. 1896
Oct. 3:Digging potatoes
Oct. 4:To Montello – one dollar Freitag Bros. for meat – paid Dec. 28, 1895 - $1.00
Oct. 5:Out with Cary Bros. to see their marsh - $2.00
Oct. 6:Quarterly meeting
Oct. 10:To Princeton plant of E. Morse 21 peces 8 ft long 8 in wide and one [illegible] of salt - $1.00
Oct. 11:To Westfield surveying for Wm. Day
Oct. 12:Paid [illegible] 10 gal. - $2.00;
Sorghum @ 40 cents per gal.
Oct. 15:Let Jack to H.J. Weckwerth – .50
Oct. 17:Krout to E.J. Hartwell – 1.60;
Got one load sand for H.J. Weckwerth - .25
Oct. 21:Sawing [or sowing?] with mother’s horses and Allie. Emil King.
Oct. 22:Teaming wood from Emil Fenske’s marsh

[NOTE: Mrs. Richard Fenske was in my Grandmother Evaline Tagatz's date book. She was born Mar. 3, 1892 and died nov. 1959. I don't know what relationship, if any, she is to Emil.]

Oct. 23:Look [illegible initials] Molton’s per Jas. Cary marsh.
NE NE 32 W1/2 NW1/2 & NE SW Sec. 33-17-11
Oct. 24:Surveying for town of Newton
Oct. 25:Surveying for town of Newton
Oct. 26:Surveying for town of Newton
Oct. 27:Decker. Bernetzkie preach
Oct. 28:Team wood home from Fenske’s marsh land of SW [illegible]
Oct. 29:Team J. Hartwells stalks to trim
Oct. 30:Surveying for Day and Schelp;
Team on road work one day - $1.00
Oct. 31:Saw my wood
Nov. 1:Surveying at Montello
Nov. 3:Decker preaches
Nov. 4:Teach school;
go to Crusade meetings at Montello with my sweet Delia
Nov. 5:Teach school. Send E.J. Preils [or Priebe??] horse fower belt home.
Nov. 6:Surveying for Town of Harris [illegible initial/abbreviation] L. Wheelock Chairman.
Home at night; could not get lodging
Nov. 7:Go to Harris again. Raining all day.
Stop at Krugers. Got to Otto Millers for dinner.
Rectify mistake in survey. Sec. Ln lat 32.433.T17 R4
Nov. 8:Teaching school, cold and cloudy;
Team on fower - $1.00
Nov. 9:Took grist to Neshkoro and got 50 lbs. of buckwheat - $1.10;
Wheat flour - .90
Grinding corn - .20
Nov. 10:Look S1/2-S1/2-29. Took my Sweet Sweet Delia
Nov. 11:Teaching
Nov. 12:Teaching; Crusaders here
Nov. 13:Teaching
Nov. 14:Teaching
Nov. 15:Fannie calved. Heifer. At Wm. Wises’s Survey’s [?]
Nov. 16:Fix cow stable.
Get Kellie shod; [illegible] Jo Hansen – staples - $1.10
Nov. 17:Labajewskie got calf - $2.50
Nov. 18:Teaching school; Got hog of V. Labejeskie 225#
Nov. 19:Richert here – commencing his meetings.
Acts very peculiar towards the Crusaders. Crusaders Capt. [initials illegible] Carter and wife and Leiut. Pritzley and wife go to Neshkoro
Nov. 21:G.J. Benslin [or Henslin?] calls at the school house
Nov. 29:Paid Luck per. Seaman for hay - $8.75
Nov. 30:V. Labajewskie got Daisies [?] calf
Dec. 2:Order Harper’s Readers
Dec. 3:Pay to Henslin insurance money @ 1.19 - $1.25
Dec. 4:Captain Carter drives through Germania to Montello to get Lieutenant Sanders Chas.
Dec. 5:Surveying
Dec. 6:Surveying
Dec. 7:Paid E.G. Priebe for use of horse power and Emil King for work by town order - $2.00 and $1.00;
Paid mother on note - $10.00
Dec. 9:Lawsuit
Dec. 11:Feed of Matz and Warnke - .70
Dec. 10:Stormy
Dec. 11:To Baby’s to look over papers
Dec. 14:To Berlin to see Atty. Niskern [?]
Dec. 16:Surveying Mill Race for Wm. Weyse
Dec. 17:Stormy, rain
Dec. 18:Lawsuit dismissed
Dec. 19:Finish survey
Dec. 20:Teaching
Dec. 21:Make map
Dec. 23:Finish map and give affidavit -
Load home for P & H - $1.00
Dec. 24:Collect money on town orders Newton - $12.00; Harris - $11.30
Dec. 24:Stormy night rain
Dec. 24:Paid mother on note - $10
Dec. 25:Jas. Judge here.
Dec. 26:Cut bedding
Dec. 27:Got bedding home; Bo’t shoes.
Pd, of M & W - $3.00; Take tea at Uncle Peirce’s
Dec. 28:To Montello with Amelia, she got tooth pulled - .50;
Pd. Fritag Bros. for pork got in September - $1.00;
Pd. Kehlat for gingham 8 yd. - .52;
Tea - .25;
[subtotal:] $2.27

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