For My Cousins

A Warnke Genealogy - Page 103
by Orlan Warnke

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"A Warnke Genealogy" - Page 103

The final page (page # 104) is not posted (since the page includes text from another source). That page says the following statement by Orlan Warnke: "I disagree with the DNR statement that the use and value of wild hay declined shortly after 1902. You could still see stack after stack of hay in the marsh during the 1920's. It wasn't until the 1930's, when Marquette County farmers finally achieved some success in raising alfalfa, that the use of marsh hay declined. Alfalfa was not an early success because of the need for lime and inoculation and a lack of hardy varieties."

Key Words for searching for this page: marsh hay; decline; alfalfa; Germania Marsh

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