For My Cousins

A Warnke Genealogy - Page 102
by Orlan Warnke

Pages 86 through 101 are not posted (to protect living people)

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"A Warnke Genealogy" - Page 102

Pages 86 through 101 are not being posted (primarily index pages that include names of living people).

Key Words for searching for this page: final comments; Johann Warnke; Susanna Warnke; John Muir; Rev. Strieter; DNR; map; location; Rosine Warnke; Eduard Gelhar; Rosine Gelhar; Dumdie; home; farm; August Warnke; Mike Warnke; Martin Matz; marsh; mill dam

This book was written by Orlan Warnke. He was generous in allowing me to post this online. His work is copyright protected and is being shared for personal use only. No commercial use is allowed.

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