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1915 Westfield High School Yearbook - Page 41
(Marquette Co., Wisconsin)
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A Walk in the Woods

One Saturday in the spring, a classmate and I decided to get our botany notebooks up-to-date and, in order to do so, we were obliged to take a walk in search of buttercups, hepaticas, violets and bloodroots.

We wandered along the banks of a crystal creek until we found fine specimens of the hepatica plant. Gathering a beautiful bouquet of these flowes, we continued our rambling. Frequently we were able to hear the warbling of birds which had returned from the Southland. We espied a robin breakfasting on a fat worm he had pulled out of the soil with his beak.

Ere long we entered a grove where we found some beautiful buttercups, purple-hued violets and other blossoms. Our collection of flowers reminded me of the Girl of the Limberlost, which I was reading at home during the evenings. It made me long to study nature.

Blanche DeWar, '16.

King Alcohol

One of the most talked of subjects of today is that of the use, sale and manufacture of Alcohol. King Alcohol does not stimulate, but may relieve pain for a little while. He destroys life, liberty, and happiness. He is an agent of physical and moral ill health. He causes crime and poverty, feeble-mindedness, insanity and many accidents.

King Alcohol stands for uncleanliness and murder. He robs a man of his ambitions, health, accuracy of mind and steadiness of hand; and he clothes him in rags and takes away his honor.

Ella Fletcher, '17.

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