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1915 Westfield High School Yearbook - Page 39
(Marquette Co., Wisconsin)
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The Christmas Spirit

From heaven we have taken the Christmas spirit of giving. It is not the value of the gift, however, that counts, but the spirit with which it is given; for, "the gift without the spirit of the giver is bare."

Christmas should not only be a time of give gifts, but also a time to create gladness. Happiness then should reign in every home. Surely there is no more appropriate time for joy and happiness. For was not He who is foremost in our thoughts during the Christmas season, the staunchest optimist who ever trod this mundane sphere?

It is our duty to eliminate the evil spirit of selfishness and encourage the spirt of goodness and charity.

Emma Gardow, '17.

Country Life in Winter

You may read of bleak, desolate farm homes, the bare trees and the deep drifts; but one who has always lived in the country, grows to love these things.

The snow falls, covering the earth with a mantle of white. The small animals in the wood hop about and the snow birds flit hither and thither in search of morsels of food, while the farmer and his boys are occupied much of the time in doing chores.

In the evening, by the comfortable fireside, juicy apples are eaten, nuts gathered in autumn are cracked, and games are played by all the members of the familiy, provided father has read the paper and mother has looked through her fashion magazine. Later they may have some music, the elder daughter or the mother playing the organ or piano while all join in singing favorite songs. Occasionally one of the latest books is read aloud by one of the family.

Ella Sanford, '16.

Athletic Sports

Nearly every high school, college and university has its baseball, football and basket ball teams. These three games are the most popular at present. Baseball, no doubt, is the favorite. Every little town in the United States has its baseball team. The game attracts a larger crowd than any other, and the people like it because of the many unexpected plays that occur during the progress of the game.

Football is played mainly at the higher institutions of learning, during the autumn; while basket ball apparently is the favorite game during the winter season.

People like games in which there is always action, speed and team work, and these qualities go a long way in making athletic sports popular in America.

Erwin Miller, '15.

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