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1915 Westfield High School Yearbook - Page 26
(Marquette Co., Wisconsin)
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President...Agnes Hayes
Vice-President...Harold Krentz
Secretary...William MacGregor
Treasurer...Spencer Walsh

Motto: Out of the Harbor into the Sea. Class Colors: Lavender and Gold. Class Flower: Violet

Never in the annals of the Westfield High School has there been a class which has displayed such remarkable talents and brilliancy as has the Class of '17. Then, too, if "variety is the spice of life," the Sophomores have it.

The class can boast of having among its ranks the largest and the smallest of the high school students. From a scholastic standpoint, the members ranch from "E" to "P"; and in moral gradation (not degradation), the range is from very good to good for nothing. Referring to physical development, all of the Sophomores exercise more or less freely and frequently, especially during the so-called recess periods or during the regular perambulations to and from the postoffice.

Some endeavor to develop all the muscles, while others confine their activities to lingual and maxillary movements. Some show symptoms of having contracted various social diseases -- one, "Blondie," even apparently being inoculated with a variety of "barber's itch." While we have thus far indulged in "glittering generalities," may it suffice if we cite a few specific cases of par excellence. "Buck" is the champion heavyweight boxer in school and furthermoe, he is a crack(ed) bowler. "Krinky" is the most renowned bantam basket ball player.

William is an efficient secretary, or he would not be serving in that capacity in two different organizations. The class contains two Smiths -- one a Ruby -- and no society is complete without at least one. Doris P. is a paragon of good behavior, for the teachers know. And so we might go on in ad infinitum, but as "brevity is the soul of wit," we will be brief, knowing, gentle reader, that you will not doubt the veracity of our modest declarations regarding the Class of '17, after you have scrutinized the class picture.

John Collins, '17.

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