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1915 Westfield High School Yearbook - Page 22
(Marquette Co., Wisconsin)
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Senior Class Play -- "Turned Up"
(A Farcical Comedy in Three Acts)

Brief Synopsis:
George Medway, in love with General Baltic's only daughter Ada, encounters many difficulties in pressing his suit. His mother, believing her husband, Captain Medway, drowned, marries Bones, an undertaker. Shortly thereafter the Captain returns, followed by Cleopatra, a colored lady, who by virtue of a sham marriage, calls him her husband. Each new development causes a series of new shocks, which finally leads George to exclaim to his sister: "Parents! They spring up like mushrooms -- we can never be orphans!"

During the ensuing struggle to disentangle the complicated domestic imbroglio, Cleopatra finds a mash in Bones. Ere long the Captain and his former wife are reunited and the General becomes reconciled to George, his prospective son-in-law. The final satisfactory solution of the whole snarly problem brings lasting felicity to both old and young of all concerned.

Cast of Characters:
General Baltic...Norman Christensen
Captain Medway...Edwin Taylor
George Medway, the Captain's Son...James MacGregor
Nod Steddam, Barrister...Frank Robinson
Carraway Bones, Undertake...Raa Brown
Police Constable Nibble...Claude Huber
Mrs. Medway, the Captain's Widow...Mabel Hengfuss
Sabina Medway, Daughter...Corinne Wilber
Ada Baltic, the General's Only Daughter...Olga Block
Mrs. Pannall, George Medway's Housekeeper...Jessie O'Neil
Tom Lobb, a Wherryman...Robert Schimelpfenig
Cleopatra, Captain Medway's Second Wife...Florence Birkholz

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