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Anne Elisabeth Lohrke Anne Elisabeth Stephan (maiden name Lohrke) died Nov. 13, 1842. Location: Battrow. Johann Stephan's name was mentioned in record. [LDS Film #0905036 - Battrow, Prussia, records]
August F. Loehrke Buried in Mt. Calvary Cemetery, Waushara Co., WI. Born Aug. 9, 1851; died Dec. 2, 1902. [SOURCE: cemetery entry]
Carl Ludwig Lohrcke (umlat over o) Sept. 17, 1837 record (likely baptismal) says Carl Ludwig Lohrcke's (umlat over o) parents were Franz Lohrcke and Caroline Jacobitz. Location: Battrow. Witnesses: Joh: Stephan (abbreviation for Johann, Rosa Koppe and Wilhelmine Lohrcke). [LDS Film #0905036 - Battrow, Prussia, records]
Carl Ludwig Lohrke Dec. 10, 1840 record (likely baptismal) says Carl Ludwig Lohrke's parents were Peter Lohrcke and Maria Maalke. Location: Battrow. Witnesses: Erdmann Jacobitz, Joh: Loper (abbreviation for Johann; line over the o in surname), Caroline Lohrke (maiden name Jacobitz) and Caroline Breda. [LDS Film #0905036 - Battrow, Prussia, records]
Carolina Wilhelmina Friederica Lohrcke Carolina Wilhelmina Friederica Lohrcke (daughter of Christian Lohrcke) died Oct. 8, 1825. Location: Battrow. [LDS Film #0905036 - Battrow, Prussia, records]
Catharina Lohrcke See the web pages of my ancestor Friedrich Wilhelm Block for more Lohrcke information. Friedrich's mother was Catharina Lohrcke.
Franz Ludwig Lohrke Franz Ludwig Lohrke (age 27) married Caroline Jacobitz (age 25) on Dec. 27, 1836. Location: Battrow. Franz's father was Christian Lohrke. [LDS Film #0905036 - Battrow, Prussia, records]
Henriette Amalie Loehrke Born August 5, 1844; baptized Aug. 18, 1844. Parents: Carl Loehrke and Ane Elisabeth Kietzer (?) [line over n in first name]. Residence: Gr. Wollwitz. Witnesses: Johan [last name illegible; line over n in first name], Ane Elisabeth [last name illegible; line over n in first name] and Rosine Kruger. [LDS Film #0245420 - Vandsburg Evangelische Kirche Records]
Johann Friedrich Lohrcke July 28, 1838 record (likely baptismal) says Johann Friedrich Lohrcke's parents were Peter Lohrcke and Maria Maalchenia. Location: Battrow. Witnesses: Mich: Stephan (abbreviation for Michael) and Henrietta Breda (maiden name Stephan). [LDS Film #0905036 - Battrow, Prussia, records]
Wilhelmine E. Loehrke Buried at Mt. Calvary Cemetery, Waushara County, WI. Born Jan. 1, 1858 and died Aug. 30, 1912. [SOURCE: cemetery entry]

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