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Water Street, Princeton, WI Water Street in Princeton, Marquette Co., WI - Click here to enlarge photo Misc. Koplin Surname Records
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August Koplin 1860 Federal Census in Mecan, Marquette Co., WI, shows:
  • August Koplin (age 41, farmer, born in Prussia)
  • Wilhelmina (age 42, born in Prussia)
  • Caroline (age 18, born in Prussia)
  • Julia (age 13, born in Prussia)
  • Amelie or Amelia (age 3, born in Wis.)
  • Christina (age six months, born in Wis.)
Charles Coplin 1860 Federal Census in Newton, Marquette Co., WI, shows:
  • Charles Coplin (age 36, farmer, real estate value $1000, personal estate value $399, born in Prussia)
  • Anna (age 30, born in Prussia)
  • Gustup [Gustuf ? ] (age 64, born in Prussia)
  • Maria (age 63, born in Prussia)
Christine Koplin See the web page of my ancestor Louise Schauer for more Koplin information. Her grandmother was Christine Koplin.
Daniel Koplin Daniel Koplin (b. 1745 in Klein Woellwitz, Westpreussen, Preussen; d. Feb. 26, 1817 in Illowo, Westpreussen) married Eva Wellsandt (b. Sept. 1, 1754 in Illowo, Westpreussen; d. July 28, 1821 in Illowo) on Nov. 8, 1772 in Illowo, Zempelburg, Westpreussen. Susanne Koplin (b. Mar. 9, 1782 in Illowo; d. Nov. 11, 1863 in Illowo) was their daughter. [SOURCE: LDS online record -]
Ernstine Kopplin 1900 Federal Census in Brooklyn, Green Lake Co., WI, shows:
  • head of household Ernstine Kopplin (female, [age and year of birth hard to read -- looks mostly like 1850 and age 44, but it doesn't add up; might be 1856], born in Mar. in Germany, had six children with six living in 1900, widow)
  • son Fred (age 21, single, born Sept. 1878 in Wis., parents born in Germany)
  • daughter Minnie (age 19, single, born Mar. 1881 in Wis., parents born in Germany)
  • daughter Emma (age 17, single, born May 1883 in Wis., parents born in Germany)
  • daughter Ella (age 11, born Sept. [birth year hard to read], born in Wis., parents born in Germany)
Eva Rosina Koplin Eva Rosina Koplin (b. Aug. 10, 1784 in Klein Woellwitz, Zempelburg, Westpreussen, Preussen; d. Feb. 6, 1851 in Dembowitz, Zempelburg, Westpreussen) married Georg Brommund on Feb. 1809 in Klein Woellwitz, Zempelburg, Westpreussen. Eva's parents were Paul Koplin (b. 1751 in Klein Woellwitz, Zempelburg, Westpreussen; d. Mar. 19, 1823 in Klein Woellwitz, Zempelburg, Westpreussen) and Anna Rathke (b. 1760 in Nichors, Zempelburg, Westpreussen; d. Mar. 23, 1840 in Klein Woellwitz, Zempelburg, Westpreussen). [SOURCE: LDS record online -]
Friedrich Koplin Died September 1840 at the age of 46. Residence: H___ Muhle [first part of location unreadable] [LDS Film #0245424 - Vandsburg Evangelische Kirche]
Henry Kopplin 1880 Federal Census in Princeton, Green Lake Co., WI, shows:
  • Henry Kopplin (age hard to read - first digit is a 3, blacksmith, born in Prussia)
  • wife Sophia (age 35, born in Prussia)
  • daughter Lydia [middle initial hard to read - might be an M or a W] (age 10, born in Wis.)
  • son Paul F. (age 7, born in Wis.)
  • son Albert H. (age 6, born in Wis.)
  • daughter Ella E. (age 3, born in Wis.)
  • daughter Minnie J. (age under one year, born Nov. 2, 1870 in Wis.)
Johan Gottlieb Kopplin [line over n in first name] Mar. 1824 (birth/christening date?); parents Johan Kopplin [line over n in first name] and Ana Sophia Schulz [line over n in Ana]; location Strozerverhauland [?] [LDS Film No. 807992 - Evangelische Kirche Kolmar - Kolmar, Posen, Prussia record]

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