For My Cousins Old German (Prussian) Alphabet & German Script - Page 2

from Elementarbuch Der Deutschen Sprache, by Arnold Werner-Spanhood (1912)
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Page 1:     Old German Alphabet (Prussian)
Page 3:     Misc., Syllables
Page 4:     Syllable Emphasis
Page 5:     Pronunciation, Vowels
Page 6:     Vowel Pronunciations (cont.)
Page 7:     Pronunciations (cont.), Consonants
Page 8:     Consonant Pronunciation (cont.)
Page 9:     Pronunciation (cont.), Compounds
Page 10:   Pronunciation (cont.)
Page 11:   Glottal Stop, Punctuation
Page 12:   Letters in Cursive Handwriting
Page 13:   Names of Letters (Written in Cursive Script)

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